Should You Rent Office Space for Your Online Blogging Business?

bloggers working in office

Many people think that a great step to take in order to prove their online blogging business is worth its salt is by having a separate office as a headquarters. There’s a good chance that this may actually be the case, but how do you know it will help for sure before signing the contract? […]

How to Find High Paying Blogging Jobs Today

blogging job

Blogging has gone beyond just a hobby today. In fact, it is now the main source of income for many people including moms who opt to work at home while taking care of their family and home at the same time. Convenience is the major benefit bloggers enjoy these days. Whether they want to be […]

How Museums Are Marketing Themselves Through The Internet


The Internet presents a unique problem for museums. Namely, why would you pay to get into a big building where you walk around all day and can’t touch anything, when you can see all the same art on your computer for free? You don’t have to get out of bed. If you want to, you […]

3 Tips for Creating Value for Your Online Customers

online customers

For many online businesses, it’s easy to track the metrics that are important to the business side of your company. From capacity planning to resource management and everything in between, knowing the exact value your company has for your shareholder and employees is relatively simple. What isn’t as simple is quantifying and improving the value […]

The Essence of Online Engagement


These days, it’s not enough for people and organizations to simply establish an online presence such as on social networking sites. Other than creating an account and adding personal and company information, engaging with your fans and followers is a must. It should be noted that engagement is key to achieving the results you want […]

Debunking Cloud Storage Myths

cloud storage myths

The internet can be a worrying place for some, and a wondrous one for others. Those who are new to the world of technology can often approach it with caution due to the bad press it’s received. While it’s true that certain platforms have been attacked, this wasn’t necessarily due to its location, but rather […]

3 Tips for A More Effective B2B Blog


In today’s world of blogging and content marketing, it seems like the majority of the focus is put on blogging to an audience of the everyman. However, B2B blogging is just as important in the business world. And while blogging to John and Jane Doe comes more naturally to most people, business blogging can prove […]

5 Tips For Blogging About Environmental Concerns

woman blogging about environment

Blogging about environmental concerns is very important and serves a very honorable purpose in today’s day and age. However, as much as you care about certain topics, you won’t get a great following until you know how to present your case. To do that, consider the following five tips that will help you remain focused […]

3 Tips for Blogging As A Lawyer

businessman using a laptop in an office

Creating an accessible and fascinating blog is a great way for your clients and potential clients to get a better feel for who you are as a lawyer. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what to include in your blogs and how to best address issues your clients would find helpful, whether it’s […]

6 Things to Cover In an Event Review


Getting the opportunity to cover an event can be the first big break for a blogger. While you are certain to be overwhelmed with excitement about the prospect of covering the event, it is also a lot of pressure. Putting out a polished review can reflect well on the event as well as give your […]