The US Comfort Women of South Korea

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The Huffington Post has recently run several news articles on comfort women. A hot topic these days, it’s at the core of a particularly heated argument between Japan and South Korea. China, too, has been demanding additional action from the Japanese government.

Interestingly, coverage on the topic includes not only the World War II comfort women, but the US comfort women of South Korea, coerced (and sometimes forced) into providing sexual services for the American military stationed in Korea both during and following the Korean War, which ran from 1950 to 1953, and saw the division of the country into North Korea and South Korea.

Most notably, these Korean comfort women have filed a million-won (the currency of South Korea) lawsuit against their own government- who, they claim, forced them into the sexual slavery.


Prostitutes for the US military in South Korea’s demilitarized zone are commonly known as Yankee Princesses or Western Princesses; they are stationed in brothels in and around American military Camp Towns, or Kijichon. There are more details on the topic on Wikipedia, which also states that:

“According to the claim, they were supervised by the U.S. forces and the South Korean government and South Korean authorities colluded with pimps in blocking them from leaving. The suit comes as an distraction for the South Korean government which has been claiming Japan hasn’t fully compensated women forced to serve as sex slaves for the imperial Japanese military.

Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War, a research of prostitutes by Grace M. Cho who was the daughter of a G.I. and a South Korean woman, was awarded the best 2010 book on Asia and Asian America by the American Sociological Association.”

However, it is only very recently that Korean women have been speaking out against being forced into the prostitution for the military.

Looking to quickly add some flash, pizzazz, or pop to one of your images? Perhaps you took a photo wearing a black, spiked trench coat standing in front of tornado damage, wielding a great Mayan War Axe during a thunderstorm. And now you want to add a glitch effect to this photo, which you will later further alter to look like the cover of some lost VHS Sci-Fi Horror flick from the late 70′s.

The only thing is, maybe you don’t use Adobe Photoshop or it’s freeware alternative GIMP. Perhaps you don’t know the in’s, outs, and how do ya dos of the even simpler programs, like freeware image editing software such as Well you’re in luck, because I’m going to be sharing a few resources for you here today!

Image Glitcher immediately springs to mind. Image Glitcher allows you to drag and drop any image from your computer right into your web browser. You can then use set the “Glitchiness” and “Brightness” levels yourself to get your desired result. A subtle glitch and slight brightness may just be the kick in the pants your picture requires! I just took a logo and glitched it out, here’s the end result for an example:

JOTS Glitched

For another option to bring your pictures into VHS stylistic nirvana, you can use the site Glitchy3bitDither. For comparative purposes I will continue to use my logo for these experiments as examples for the readers to get an idea of what each online glitcher has to offer. When I plugged in the image, I actually got a ton of variety immediately available on my computer screen, right in my web browser! Here are just a few of my favorites that I managed to pull from the site:

This first design has an almost 16bit video game feel. Conjures up memories of playing Contra on the Nintendo Entertainment System decades ago.


This next example is more saturated, and the color scheme has been changed pretty drastically, particularly the universe within “Shred.”



This is a color difference gone neon pink, and it looks pretty rad to me!



Color Difference

I really like this one. It’s like a TV full of static, saturating the colors of the screen in a vibrantly pleasing fashion.




colored static

This example is nearly blacked out entirely! But it’s a very interesting glitch, that’s for sure.


This glitch has a very interesting. metallic effect to it. Almost makes everything look chrome or steel.

As you can see, Glitchy3bitDither offers quite a variety of results for you to choose from! And why choose one, when you can snag them all?!

Last but certainly not least, we have the Image glitch experiment, another interesting option to glitchify your images and attain that cheesy 80′s goodness from static-ridden VHS tapes playing on scrambled TVs, before the times of HDMI cables and USB inputs. The time of VHS rewinder boxes that only serve that singular purpose – rewinding watched VHS movies. Crazy how far technology has come since then, isn’t it? Once again I’ve used the same image to better exemplify the results. Here is what Image Glitch Experiment did to my logo.
This particular site allows a good amount of control. For levers are accessible to perfectly glitch out your image the way you want it to be done. Alter the amount, seed, iterations and quality level manually.

Use these three resources and you’ll have glitched out images in no time!


It has long been a practice for publishers to provide all-out support to writers they sign up. Included in this support is helping create and establish an impressive reputation befitting of the hype that seeks to be created for greater public interest on the published work. A lot of writers will definitely never get a crack in this kind of opportunity.  With the advent of self-publication, many opportunities have been opened. Today, just about anyone can publish his or her work online but not everyone will be able to impress.

Image Source

So how does one create an impressive reputation without the backing of traditional and well-oiled publishers?

Offer a Solid Foundation

One of the more easily accessed ways of self-publishing is through blogs. Blogs provide an excellent venue for developing writing skills while being able to gauge the reaction of the public. Before you embark on writing that book you have been dreaming of, extensive practice in the use of your preferred language is highly advisable. You can even offer a guest blogging service  to test the waters even more. The acceptance of your work in reputable blogs is a good sign that you are on the right track.

Offer Quality

Those who seek to be self-published writers should not lower their standards of quality just because there is no publisher approval being sought. Self-publishing requires even more care in producing written work. Self-published authors usually wear all the hats in relation to the task. The one task though that should still be given to another person is editing the work. No author can efficiently edit his own work. Mistakes in blogs are easily corrected when spotted. Authors will probably will have to live with mistakes on printed books forever. As for e-books, a mistake not spotted early enough can drastically affect a writer’s reputation. First impressions really do matter. It is much easier to create a new image than to refurbish a tarnished image. The services of a professional editor is worth the price if you want professional results.

Offer Professionalism

Self-published authors should come out as professional as traditionally-published writers, if not more. The fact that you are probably a one man team, acting as the writer, agent, marketer, and publisher, is enough to earn respect, when done right. It can easily go the other way however, if you do not play your cards right. Resist mediocrity and laxity and earn your reputation by defining who you are.

How Lawyers are Utilizing Blogs Today

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Many law firms today have established their own blogs separate from their main websites. Reports have confirmed that they now recognize the essence of a blog in being able to attract more clients and build their credibility both online and offline.

A 2012 survey done by Greentarget, a communications firm, showed that in-house attorneys do trust blogs and that they even read blogs authored by lawyers or firms more than they read blogs by the real journalists. It was also found that more than half of the respondents believe a blog will influence clients in deciding the law firm to hire.


In that same year, the survey noted an increase in the number of blogs published by law firms. Some 68 of the top 100 firms are confirmed to be publishing a total of 272 blogs which is a 74 percent increase from the 2010 figure.

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Most people think they are in total control of their spending until they find themselves face to face with advertisements. You know, those subtle or even obvious persuasive arguments of why you simply have to buy this product and that? Yes, those messages that say that your life has less meaning and joy without the products and services they advertise. Even if you are not particularly fond of shopping, sooner or later there will be one advertisement that will weaken your resolve not to buy because someone says it is a good idea. This is especially so if there is a credit card tucked somewhere in your wallet which represents purchasing power.

The Influence of Advertising

The very reason why advertising exists is because it actually works. Whether positive or negative publicity, the interest generated by advertisements can still work both ways. There are some areas however where people would rather be safe about thus positive promotion almost always works. These would include food, family products, and financial products, to name a few. You wouldn’t want a credit card that comes with high interest rates and excessive fees for example, would you?

If you will rely on advertisements alone, you might just make the wrong choice. Advertisements, especially for products that need to project a positive image, will always put the product’s best foot forward. This is the reason why choices should go beyond what is readily seen through advertising. In the case of credit cards, you can always compare the features of credit cards that caught your attention before applying for one. Chris Mettler of says: ” The information we need to make sound choices is out there online, we just need to use it.”. The same principle applies to the other decisions we need to make when faced with a barrage of advertisements representing possible choices.

How Advertising Affects Consumers

Because advertisements are made to sell a product or service, they are also made to create a need for them in consumers. There are only two reasons why people buy something. It is either they need it or they want it. Buying because of a need tends to justify the purchase and that is why most advertisements appeal to this side of consumers. Buying a “want” can appear very selfish thus advertisers usually have to convince consumers that their products and services are necessary. Other advertisements create the feeling of “being  entitled” . Most of us would like to believe that advertisements do not influence our decisions but we have to be aware that the most effective advertisements are those that made us feel we arrived at the decision by ourselves.

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