Best Social Media Publishing Tools

Sharing one’s expertise and establishing credibility is a breeze these days what with the various tools available online. Coaches, publishers, business owners and marketers are fortunate to have them as a way to reach out to their target audience and establish rapport.

The social media publishing tools are now among the most widely used. Through the years, social media has evolved and has provided its users with more avenues for connecting with people and sharing their expertise. Apart from allowing short status updates, they have developed new features that enable users to publish articles on the platform.


Here are some of the top social media publishing tools that can help you attract more people and boost your social media traffic. [Read more…]

Writing Your Way to a Leaner and More Efficient Business Plan

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Every business needs a concrete plan. It lets you gain a better understanding of your business in the market. Depending on your business plan, you will include most of the elements featured here.

But the main thing about a business plan is that it is never absolute. The plan should allow your business to be elastic so that it can adapt to the changes in the market as deemed necessary.

This is where the importance of lean planning comes in. According to Tim Berry, lean business is about “planning as you go.”

Instead of preparing an exhaustive and static plan about your business, lean planning simplifies the initial process by determining your identity, target market, action plan, and analysis. You can modify your plan as you go, but the elements will form the basic plan in the meantime.

This process will give you the same results as with a comprehensive business plan. But with lean planning, the process will take you less time and effort.

To help you write a more efficient business plan for your business, below are points that you should consider.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

The heart of a lean business is the ability to do more with less. Use your plan to emphasize this point.

Instead of long-winding paragraphs, use bullet points and simple words to elaborate your talking points.

Measure results

The ability to track your business’ performance as elaborated in your plan is key to a lean business. Refer to your expenditures and sales made to determine rate of investment, which is a good metric to build from with your plan.

If you have a website, use analytics tools like Google Analytics or Clicky to provide you with valuable data (traffic, bounce rate, average length of time on site, pages with the most visits, etc.) that you can use to make light of your progress.

You can also create goals and funnel on Google Analytics to have a better visualization of your progress based on your goals.

Use marketing automation tools

To make the process of measuring your results much faster, defer to this list of marketing automation tools if you’re not using one yet. If you’re not sure you need one, read this guide.

These tools help you manage and monitor sophisticated marketing campaigns for the purpose of achieving your goals in your business plan. They track your performance from different channels – email, social media, customer support, and others.

All the necessary data from these data is presented in a single dashboard from the tool, making it more efficient for you to track your performance on multiple sources.

Organize an exit strategy

This portion of the plan does not have to included on the plan, but it bears mentioning at this point. There are instances that you can’t control, which can lead to a failed business. Worse comes to worst, you must at least consider your options on how to gracefully bow out with your company.

One of the possible things you need to consider is filing for bankruptcy. As bad as it sounds, this should not get your entrepreneurial spirit down through Chapter 11.
According Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Simon Resnik, “[T]he business can reorganize its income and expenses while regaining its profits. This process can continue while the business is in operation, which for many business owners assists in helping the business regain profits.”

6 Reliable Anti-Plagiarism Tools for Publishers

It’s amazing how the internet has helped people all over the world easily find the information they need in just a few clicks. Everything you need to know regardless of the topic you can now find it online.

Thanks to the prolific writers who have contributed to providing useful information on the internet. Unfortunately, not all writers are true to their work. Some simply copy what they read online and claim that it’s their own. But this habit of copying somebody else’s work is definitely not helpful to both students and professionals as it can only adversely affect your standing in school and in your the organization you’re working for. For freelance writers, plagiarism could mean the end of your writing career.

no to plagiarism

Plagiarism may not be considered a criminal or civil offense but it is an illegal act, explained a San Diego criminal lawyer from SevensLegal. This is because the act violates a person’s intellectual property rights and the person guilty of this can be sued in court for copyright violation. [Read more…]

Creating an Impressive Reputation Even if You’re Self-Published

It has long been a practice for publishers to provide all-out support to writers they sign up. Included in this support is helping create and establish an impressive reputation befitting of the hype that seeks to be created for greater public interest on the published work. A lot of writers will definitely never get a crack in this kind of opportunity.  With the advent of self-publication, many opportunities have been opened. Today, just about anyone can publish his or her work online but not everyone will be able to impress.

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So how does one create an impressive reputation without the backing of traditional and well-oiled publishers?

Offer a Solid Foundation

One of the more easily accessed ways of self-publishing is through blogs. Blogs provide an excellent venue for developing writing skills while being able to gauge the reaction of the public. Before you embark on writing that book you have been dreaming of, extensive practice in the use of your preferred language is highly advisable. You can even offer a guest blogging service  to test the waters even more. The acceptance of your work in reputable blogs is a good sign that you are on the right track.

Offer Quality

Those who seek to be self-published writers should not lower their standards of quality just because there is no publisher approval being sought. Self-publishing requires even more care in producing written work. Self-published authors usually wear all the hats in relation to the task. The one task though that should still be given to another person is editing the work. No author can efficiently edit his own work. Mistakes in blogs are easily corrected when spotted. Authors will probably will have to live with mistakes on printed books forever. As for e-books, a mistake not spotted early enough can drastically affect a writer’s reputation. First impressions really do matter. It is much easier to create a new image than to refurbish a tarnished image. The services of a professional editor is worth the price if you want professional results.

Offer Professionalism

Self-published authors should come out as professional as traditionally-published writers, if not more. The fact that you are probably a one man team, acting as the writer, agent, marketer, and publisher, is enough to earn respect, when done right. It can easily go the other way however, if you do not play your cards right. Resist mediocrity and laxity and earn your reputation by defining who you are.

How Lawyers are Utilizing Blogs Today

Many law firms today have established their own blogs separate from their main websites. Reports have confirmed that they now recognize the essence of a blog in being able to attract more clients and build their credibility both online and offline.

A 2012 survey done by Greentarget, a communications firm, showed that in-house attorneys do trust blogs and that they even read blogs authored by lawyers or firms more than they read blogs by the real journalists. It was also found that more than half of the respondents believe a blog will influence clients in deciding the law firm to hire.


In that same year, the survey noted an increase in the number of blogs published by law firms. Some 68 of the top 100 firms are confirmed to be publishing a total of 272 blogs which is a 74 percent increase from the 2010 figure. [Read more…]

Blog Directory Submission: Quality Vs Quantity

In the matter of blog directory submission, which do you think should be the primary consideration? Should it be quality or quantity? Let us consider both scenarios.


The first thing that comes to mind when we speak of quantity is the more the better, right? If we are to apply this in the context of blog directory submission, this would mean submitting our blogs to all the blog directories that would accept them. This might score some points in exposure but is it the kind of exposure that we want?

That is a question we often have to answer every time we take or do something for the sake of having as many as we can. Is it really worth the time and the effort? In simple terms, do we think our blog’s inclusion in the listing of a particular blog directory would really give any benefit to our blog?


On the other hand, when we speak of quality, it is implied that we choose the blog directory to submit to. In choosing, there will be standards and criteria to consider to determine which ones would make it to our list of preferred directories. We decide depending on what we want to achieve with our blogs.

The most popular blog directories are expected choices because of their influence. Now whether or not such influence will translate to every blog listed in it is a different story altogether. On thing is clear, blog owners cannot simply rely on the quality of the blog directory but rather provide attention to the quality of the blogs as well. Quality can also pertain to the other blogs listed in the directory. Are they of the standard in which you wish to be identified with?

Quality vs. Quantity

Quantity may prove its value for short term goals like widening exposure but even this is not assured. Quality tend to prove its worth for long-term goals since real results seldom happen overnight. A blog is developed and grows, with blog directory listing forming only one component.

In the end, it boils down to personal decisions. Blog owners will have to determine the formula that works for their blog. Quality has always been associated with what is good and excellent. Excellent work, excellent choices, excellent decisions – all coming together to produce excellent blogs.

Branding Your Blog Using Instagram Photos

There are many ways of creating a specific brand for your blog which you can call your own. More than the name of the blog, there will be other features in your blog that will help differentiate it from the rest. There are just some reminders in going about it.

Choose Photos that Truly Represent Your Blog



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When it comes to branding a blog, it would be of paramount importance to use images that will help you project yourself through your blog or project your blog as you want it to. Can readers expect carefree posts from you? Will you be touching on nature?  A single image can project in an instant what it would normally take many words to describe suitably.

Choose Images Close to the Heart


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Can readers expect your posts to be very personal and close to home? Will your writing be realistic? Will they be something readers will be able to relate to?

Choose Images that Call Attention


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Choose images that calls attention to itself first and then to your blog the next. There is a reason why it s a common marketing effort to associate a symbol, a word, a phrase, or an image to a product and that reason is called the recall factor. This is to ensure the automatic association of these representations with a product or company.

There are so many things you can do with your blog through Instagram, check out insta challenges for ideas.


3 Essential Considerations for Online Publishers

These days, anyone can be an online publisher. That is not to say, however, that anyone can be successful as an online publisher. The tools are there. The costs are (relatively) low. The path to success, however, is not open to everyone.
That’s a dose of reality for you. Now, for a bit of good news: while success is not inherent in online publishing, with a little hard work and application of knowledge, you can still get where you want to go in this realm.

If you’re new to the world of online publishing, here are three essential considerations that will propel you on the road to success. [Read more…]

Finding Ways to Publish Your Own Book

Not a few writers or aspiring writers want their written work published. Who wouldn’t want to see the fruits of their labor seen and hopefully appreciated by the public? It is but a natural desire. So what are the ways of having a book published?

pratham books

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The Traditional Way

The traditional way of publishing a book has always been limiting since the decision to publish would depend on publishers. Authors will have to find an agent who will essentially act as the go-between. This would necessitate going through an established industry procedure which has an end goal of having the book published for public readership.

This option when agreed upon by the author and the publisher confers upon the latter the right to publish while providing the former the advantage of being paid royalties from the sales. Since it would be the publisher who will be shouldering the expenses for publishing, the usually rigorous process that has to be undergone by the author to have his work published is readily understandable. However, there is another option available for authors which is to self-publish.


Self-publishing or the option to publish a book or any written work minus the traditional publishers’ route has many variations. The author can choose to shoulder the expenses for publishing while retaining ownership of the book and the right to receive profits from it. It can also be a half-half deal wherein an established publisher and the author agrees to pay their respective portions for the expenses in publishing the book. There are other options in between but one thing is clear. Self-publication requires that an author has ready funds to finance the book publication or at least have access to actual financing.

There is one option for authors who have exceptional material in their hands but have been effectively blocked by lack of funding. There is a platform called the Kickstarter which aims to bring together innovative creators of projects related to art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film and video, food, games, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater and possible financial backers for projects. For authors, the publishing category should be of special significance.

Getting that Funding

The primary obstacle to hurdle here is the creation of a worthwhile project which can be seen by financial backers in the same light. There are no strict criteria except perhaps for having the potential to be appreciated by the public. One of the more successful publishing proposals submitted to Kickstarter in terms of obtaining financing goals is the “To Be or Not to Be: That is the Adventure” Project. It basically makes use of the title’s ready association to Shakespeare and then mixes it up a bit to become a choosable-path adventure.

The more interesting part of projects like this is that successful proposals will most likely result to published works. The public will have the chance to buy Kickstarter products through various outlets including Kickstarter store of ForeverGeek for example. In more ways than one, having a book published through Kickstarter provides advantages to the author.


Content Tactics to Boost Your Website Growth

Planning your content and producing them regularly are keys to a website that’s easily seen and searched on the internet. No matter the trend, quality content is still the most essential consideration that publishers need to focus on.

It’s time to check on your content strategies to ensure that you gain traffic moving towards the end of 2013. By doing this at this point, you can also be sure your site will do well when the new year comes.

Post Regularly

This important step cannot be overemphasized. If you want to attract a steady stream of visitors, adding blog posts on a regular basis is a must. [Read more…]