Online Directories Can Boost Your Blog’s Exposure


Blog owners and publishers need to find ways to promote their sites on the various online channels available. This is a must in order to drive traffic and gain new followers on a consistent basis. Exposure is a must for any online business owing to the tight competition and it plays a significant role in […]

Best Social Media Publishing Tools


Sharing one’s expertise and establishing credibility is a breeze these days what with the various tools available online. Coaches, publishers, business owners and marketers are fortunate to have them as a way to reach out to their target audience and establish rapport. The social media publishing tools are now among the most widely used. Through […]

Writing Your Way to a Leaner and More Efficient Business Plan

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Every business needs a concrete plan. It lets you gain a better understanding of your business in the market. Depending on your business plan, you will include most of the elements featured here. But the main thing about a business plan is that it is never absolute. The plan should allow your business to be […]

6 Reliable Anti-Plagiarism Tools for Publishers

no to plagiarism

It’s amazing how the internet has helped people all over the world easily find the information they need in just a few clicks. Everything you need to know regardless of the topic you can now find it online. Thanks to the prolific writers who have contributed to providing useful information on the internet. Unfortunately, not […]

Creating an Impressive Reputation Even if You’re Self-Published

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It has long been a practice for publishers to provide all-out support to writers they sign up. Included in this support is helping create and establish an impressive reputation befitting of the hype that seeks to be created for greater public interest on the published work. A lot of writers will definitely never get a […]

How Lawyers are Utilizing Blogs Today


Many law firms today have established their own blogs separate from their main websites. Reports have confirmed that they now recognize the essence of a blog in being able to attract more clients and build their credibility both online and offline. A 2012 survey done by Greentarget, a communications firm, showed that in-house attorneys do […]

Blog Directory Submission: Quality Vs Quantity


In the matter of blog directory submission, which do you think should be the primary consideration? Should it be quality or quantity? Let us consider both scenarios. Quantity The first thing that comes to mind when we speak of quantity is the more the better, right? If we are to apply this in the context […]