Monthly Archives: December 2007

Traffic from the Inner Bowels of b5media

So it seems someone has linked to this site from the secret forums for b5media’s bloggers. I don’t know if they are saying good things or bad things about me or this site, but it is interesting to see a small trickle of traffic coming from there.

I have always been a curious person, and I really dislike when there are walls blocking my way, either from being part of a community, or seeing what people are saying about me.

So if you are from the b5media forums, and saw the link to this site, can you let me know what is being said about this blog? Does someone think this is all drivel? I’d be interested to get feedback.

For those of you that don’t know, b5media is a blog network with hundreds of blogs, and hundreds of bloggers. They recently recruited a good friend of mine Tris Hussey.

Update: Looks like they are looking at my 15 Amazing Women in Blogging post. It has gotten a fair bit of attention both negative and positive. b5media has some amazing women in their team, both on and off my little, incomplete list.

I want to mention again that the list was supposed to be a positive thing. I am not sexist, nor do I think women are any less amazing than men at blogging. The point of the post was to highlight a few great women, in hopes of raising awareness for a friend of mine, who was annoyed that Mark’s Top 100 list was dominated by men.

Domain Giveaway Contest Results

So, a few days ago I decided to giveaway two of my Nintendo Wii related domains. I kept the contest quiet, so that people that read this blog would have the best chance of winning, and not someone from one of those crazy contest blogs that have popped up.

I had four entries into the contest, and I am happy with that. To me, it means 50% of those who entered will win something.

For the first domain,, the winner is Stephen.
For the second domain,, the winner is Todd Morris.

I will be contacting you guys via e-mail about transferring the domains. Thanks again to all that entered. I hope to run some more small contests like this for the sake of my readership, rather than the masses at large.

Do You Post Enough?

One issue I have been having lately, with my job pulling me in all sorts of directions is making sure to post enough on the blogs I am part of. I didn’t think that posting regularly on all those blogs would be that difficult. When I first started blogging full time, I was writing on nearly a dozen sites, posting over a dozen posts a day, but each and every article was fairly low quality.

Now, with all the work I do for Splashpress Media, I sometimes don’t feel like I have enough time to spend on crafting articles. So now my posting speed has gone down, and my quality is fairly low, and so that brings up the question of posting routines and whatnot. Do you post on your blog enough? And if you do, is the quality as high as you would like it to be?

The really funny part about this whole post is that I almost want to start another blog for a subject I am interested in.

Conferences in 2008

I am really looking forward to attending a wider variety of conferences in 2008, as I slowly get my bearings with Splashpress Media, and continue to be part of the blogging community, it seems like attending conferences is what I should be doing. I would love to speak on some panels as well as maybe even doing some small presentations of my own, but thus far, I haven’t really found my “in” or groove in that respect.

I haven’t planned out which conferences I am going to as of yet. Some things are still up in the air in regards to attending some in the US, among other places, but I would love to hear about the conferences and events you all are excited about, especially those relating to blogging.

A Much Needed Break

So after some really great pushes to get a lot of content out, I decided to reward myself with a longer than normal break from blogging on here, and it is understandable why, planning my holidays.

Soon, I am hoping to take a trip to visit my family and what that means is all will be quite in the blogosphere, and to me this is a good thing. People should be spending time with their families.

The hard part is always watching those traffic stats go down in December, but thankfully, I was on the Digg front page for twenty minutes before being buried, and it helped push my traffic beyond last month’s levels, and so I am fairly content how December played out, and I hope to rest, relax and revitalize before pushing out some great content in the new year.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see more posts from me to finish out the month, but understand that things are going to be slow from now until January 2nd.

And in case I forget to say it later, I hope all my readers have a happy and safe holiday season. I need you to all come back in the new year to continue making eXtra For Every Publisher a success.