Monthly Archives: March 2008

Looking for Weekly Columnists

Looking at all the blogs out there, and the continued growth of this site and the other sites I run, I am looking to add more content to this site, but I am going to get very busy over the next little while. I was hoping that you, my readers, might be or might know of some people that could work as weekly columnists on this blog.

What I am Looking For

I am looking for someone who is passionate about blogging, and has either come from a network paid or freelance paid blogging background. You must have worked or be working for a major blog (over 1k page views a day minimum) or a known blog network. If you’ve never written for a blog with more than one hundred RSS subscribers, then you probably aren’t what I am looking for.

The candidate should understand writing for the web, social media promotion, and be intimately familiar with WordPress. I am looking for someone that can write one five hundred word or more post every week that is the best work they’ve ever done. The posts will center on the writers expert experience, so if you know everything about WordPress theming and plugins, that’s fine too, but the posts have to fit the audience I maintain. I will be expecting the highest quality and will retain full editorial control over any posts submitted.

What Do You Receive?

Other than gaining access to my connections, and my advice, you will also be able to promote your own blog or outside work at the end of each post, as well as being paid a flat rate, to be decided, based on the experience and type of column written.

Get in Touch!

Jump on over to my contact page and send me a message. Please include a link to an article which you think shows your talent, as well as a paragraph selling yourself and lastly your expected rate.

Nine Blogs Not in the Top 50 That Should Be

While compiling the new top 50 list for my recent post, I noticed some of the blogs I enjoy aren’t in that top 50, but I believe they should be, and so I am going to give them some recognition here today.

There are specifically nine blogs I would like to highlight that are all listed in the Top 100 list, but aren’t in the top 50, but do have some great posts, ideas, or writers. If you haven’t checked out all these blogs before, have a look today.

#55 – MEMWG
#68 – Slyvisions
#78 – Blogtrepreneur
#90 – Blogging With Cents
#83 – Derek Semmler
#95 – Shylock Blogging
#105 – Blogging Fingers
#114 – College Startup
#139 – The Blog Entrepreneur

If you enjoy these blogs, make sure you subscribe. While I don’t always enjoy their designs, or the advertisements they display, I have found the above list to include some great bloggers who produce some great content. If we, the community, support them, they will hopefully be in the top 50 by the next time I write about it.

Hopefully, they won’t push me out from my spot in the list though.

Analysis of One Thousand Comments

I recently posted about my excitement of seeing this blog reach the one thousand comments mark, and I wanted to go back and highlight a few things which I think could help bloggers figure out what seems to work, and what doesn’t.

World Problogger List – 60 Comments
15 Amazing Women in Blogging – 57 Comments
46 Things to Do Before Launching a Blog Network – 36 Comments
Cons of Being a Problogger – 24 Comments
Free WordPress Theme: Crystal – 24 Comments
My Problogging Setup – 23 Comments
Best Blogs Period – 19 Comments

From the list above you can see that list posts have done well for me, and that creating something new has done the best. WordPress themes are still a great way to gain attention, as well as pointing out your favourite sites. I also recommend mini-contests with a very low barrier for entry, as they seem to inspire people to both comment, and to link to your blog. The lower the barrier for entry, the more entries you will get. My recent domain giveaway doesn’t follow this rule, but I think the prizes are worth a bit of extra effort.

Another interesting statistic that I have found on this blog is that around 50% of all my comments come from the same handful of people. This means that they interact with this site on a fairly regular basis or did at one time. It also shows that, at least on this blog, if they come back and comment more than once, they seem to come back fairly often, or give their opinions on a variety of posts.

I am unsure if some are just hoping for traffic benefits as many of the repeat comments come from people authoring blogs in a similar niche, but I enjoy the regulars that come back more than once, despite knowing they are most likely ad blind or not clicking on ads.

I don’t have a plugin installed right now to tell me how many comments the “most commented” user has, but I would hazard a guess that it is Tom, a friend of mine from Ottawa who currently has 42 comments on this blog.

A side note for those that are interested, comments appear to have dropped considerably since I have stopped pushing my posts on social media sites. So that means my Alexa and Technorati Ranks as well as comments per month are all down since I stopped heavy promotion of this blog.

Dropping Alexa and Technorati Ranks

Despite my ever increasing traffic, my Alexa and Technorati ranks seem to be taking a nosedive. The only real change I have made to this site that can account for that is the decrease in my social media promotion. I find it strange that not promoting my stuff all over the Internet has created such an issue. I didn’t think most social media users also were Alexa users, and I didn’t attribute my inbound links to the posts I promote on social media.

This, to me, reinforces the fact that social media is a key component to a blogs success or failure as I was also getting many more advertisement requests on this site when my rankings were getting better and better, as advertisers no doubt assumed that they would continue to rise and as such they were getting an amazing deal.

I still believe there is great value in this site, its content, its archives, and its audience, but I have to admit that I am going to be gearing up for another social media push in hopes to getting this blog back on track with both Alexa and Technorati so that my rank on remains fairly high.