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PodPress and WordPress 2.6 Update Two

So it now looks like the PodPress forum has over a dozen pages of spam where there should be information about the development of the PodPress plugin. The last message from the plugin author on the forum was nearly three weeks ago explaining why the release of the new version was already a week late, meaning that we are now four weeks late with a new version of the plugin.

Will we ever see a new PodPress plugin? If the current state of the forum is any indication, I wouldn’t hold my breath. If you are having any issues that can be fixed through the dozens of simple patches that people have come up with, that might be your only option unless Automattic puts out an interim release based on the fix that they’ve created. Though from what I’ve heard, they would only do such a thing if all other forms of communication broke down.

WordPress Plugin: Next of Kin

I saw this plugin mentioned over on AdesBlog and just had to add to its promotion, as I think it is a really interesting idea.

I am always wondering how I can give my wife the information she needs to deal with my business if I ended up dying. She has the information to access my main e-mail account, but that is just one of many, and doesn’t include my blog, contact information for my boss, nor access to my other accounts relating to my work.

It could be a really frustrating situation for her if I passed away unexpectedly, and so the WordPress plugin, Next of Kin is really fascinating to me. You have a plugin that can send a message to whomever you’d like if you don’t log into your blog for a specified period of time.

Since I constantly maintain this blog, if I add it here, and set the time period to thirty days, I could then be fairly certain that the only time the message would be sent is if something horrible happened to me, as I am never away from this site longer than a month since beginning it a year ago.

I guess the question then would be, “what do you put in the message?”

I would love to hear your thoughts. What would you send in your final message, and who would you direct it to?

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Uber Blogs: Top Blogging Blogs List

For the longest time now, I have been getting frustrated with a top blog list that I enjoy watching as it continued to focus on the making money online aspect, while I continually moved away from that world. Making money online is great, but I am a blogger, and what I know is blogging, and so that is why I decided to build my own list around blogging blogs called Uber Blogs.

This list will be comprised of blogs that focus on blogging, the blogging industry and teaching others to become better bloggers. It won’t focus on blogging software, nor specifically making money online. It won’t focus on affiliate offers, niche sites, or online advertising.

While there are already a few blogs in the list that span more than one niche, I want to say that the Uber Blogs list will make exceptions based on my own personal feelings when reviewing the blogs.

If you would like to include your blog on the list, there is a short form at the bottom of the list to quickly apply. I will review submissions at least once a week, and the rankings will be updated at least two times a week.

I hope you will all enjoy the Uber Blogs list, and appreciate it as a quick way to find blogs that can improve your blogging skill.

PerfCast: Episode One

Jeff and I have relaunched the PerfCast Podcast last night, and it went really well.

Stories We Discussed
Are You Trustworthy – CopyBlogger
Stop Blaming The WordPress Team –
Monetization Of Twitter – Peformancing
Blogging Internships – TheBlogHerald
Liz Strauss Comment Counter Creates Controversy – TheBlogHerald

The episode runs at just under an hour with the first five minutes or so introducing the show and ourselves. Feel free to jump over that to get to the meat and potatoes of the episode though.

The next episode will be recorded live on Thursday September 4th, 2008 at 7 P.M. EST.

If you want to find out more information on how to participate, check out the PerfCast Live Participation post on Performancing.

If you have any comments, questions or other criticisms, please send them to perfcast at We would really love some feedback. One thing I noticed in listening to the recording is that my audio wasn’t as high quality as Jeff’s and so I am going to try to connect using X-Lite (instructions on Jeffro2pt0) next time instead of Skype to see if that improves things.

Thanks to all those that listened live, and those that are listening to the recording. I really appreciate it, and hope you enjoy the episode.

Deep Linking: Use Your Archive of Posts

In almost every post that you publish, there is no reason why you can’t find a place to fit in a link to a previous post, once your archive gets above a good twenty or thirty posts.

Why would you want to link to previous posts? Well, not only is there a search engine benefit, but it can be quite useful to your visitors interested in other similar articles, or other opinions on your site.

If you are using plugins to link to other posts in a related posts area on a page, it can be useful but not as optimized as doing it manually. When doing it yourself, you have control over the keywords you use, the placement of the link and how many links you use would be custom to each post.

Not to mention, how much more relevant your own custom chosen links will be over those selected by a WordPress plugin, but that is just my two cents on the matter.

Link to yourself often for no other reason but to be a great service for new readers who weren’t around when you posted previous content.

And yes, this is something I still need to work on…

(this post doesn’t have any links because I didn’t have any previous content that I felt compelled to link to.)

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