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Marketing magic with Tweet Whistle

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Marketing on the web is one of the easiest and most effective marketing solutions you can undertake to promote your web site, your new blog, a product you’re selling or a service you’re offering. The benefits of web marketing are undeniable. The marketing efforts I’ve made on my blog has paid off in terms of more readers, which has earned me more money through my Google Adsense income.

One of the newest marketing tools I’m using now is Twitter. Yes, the microblogging platform that’s taking the world by storm is now also used as a part of a web marketing campaign. And it’s really no surprise why it’s considered an effective marketing solution. With Twitter, your message is transmitted immediately to your followers, who are specifically targeted to be more responsive to your branding message. The explosive growth of Twitter also means you’re exposing more and more people to your message. I tell you, the moment you use Twitter as part of your web marketing strategy, you’ll never look back.

One of the best ways to take advantage of what Twitter can do to market your web site, blog, product or service is by employing an easy-to-use marketing tool that automates Twitter’s functions for you. One of the most powerful tools in the market today is Tweet Whistle, a powerful Twitter marketing solution that makes it easy for you to get more targeted followers and even automate your Twitter posts, among other features that, frankly, will make Twitter marketing so much easier. What’s more, it’s one of the most affordable solutions in the market. You can try out the Tweet Whistle app through a free trial download. Just visit I’m using Tweet Whistle right now and I’ve experienced first-hand how effective it is.

In fact, Tweet Whistle is so confident about its product that it’s holding a contest. The winner will get one licensed copy of Tweet Whistle and a $25 cash prize to be paid through PayPal. Joining is easy:
1. Follow @thetoolsmith on Twitter
2. Just tweet the message below:

Just enter to win $25.00 and a free copy of “Tweet Whistle” Just follow @thetoolsmith and Retweet

It’s that simple and what you’ll win will be so useful for your marketing efforts.

A film to watch: Julie & Julia

A few days ago I was able to watch the film Julie and Julia. The movie tells the tale of Julia Child and Julie Powell . Powell a writer who seemed to be getting frustrated at her life started blogging. Her blog The Julie/Julia Project chronicled a challenge she set up for herself- to cook over 524 recipes from Julia Child’s book – Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1st Edition, 1961, written by Louisette Berthole, Simone Beck and Julia Child ).With Each effort and enterprise to be posted on Julie’s blog, In between the triumph and defeat of Julie the film also tells the story of how Julia Child became a writer and how the book came to be. It is the story of Julie and Julia.

The film’s script was adapted by Nora Ephron from two books: (i) My Life in France, Child’s autobiography, written with Alex Prud’homme, and (ii)Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen by Julie Powell.

The film is light and entertaining, Julia and Julie’s adventures are poignant with little or even just a pinch of pathos, Just enough to ground one with the story without being overwhelmed. In short it is a film about real people.

And it is an eye-opener as well. Writing online and offline is something that requires consistent and hard work plus a little bit of luck, It is shown in the film. In the film the writing process took years and years of hard work, misadventures for Julia Child. And for Julie Powell it seemed to have been a roller coaster ride but an interesting experience as well. And it also shows how the Internet – blogs in particular – have changed the publishing world.

It is a movie that takes a look at a the writing life of America’s foodie Icon and her American foodie fan – a blogger. It is entertaining and illuminating. The movie will be a delight for foodies. Writers and bloggers without doubt.

Enjoy watching the film: Bon Appétit!

Netfirms Twitter Domain Purchasing Feature and Contest

Recently, one of the few domain registrars that I trust with my money (especially for .ca domain names) has launched a new feature: registration via Twitter.

Here is an example of registration via SMS to Twitter:

You send a Direct Message to Netfirms via Twitter asking us to register a domain name for you. If the domain name is available we will register it for you and automatically add it to your existing Netfirms Control Panel and bill to your current billing profile. The only prerequisite is that you add your Twitter username to your Netfirms Control Panel. Please visit our tutorial with full details on setting yourself up for domain registration via Twitter. The instructions should be completed once only and you’re good to go after that.
1. Log in to your Twitter account (You can use any of the available Twitter apps)
2. Send a dm to @netfirms with the following: reg
3. We will confirm by replying to you via direct message at which point the domain will be added to your Netfirms Control Panel. The domain is now ready to be used.

To celebrate the new feature, Netfirms has launched a contest (see the Netfirms Contest here) that runs until October 7th. You can win a MacBook or one of four iPod Touches just by doing one of two simple things:

  • Tweeting about the contest
  • Registering a new domain name

If you are going to tweet about the contest, they ask that you use the following:
“Win a #free iPod Touch or Macbook from the @Netfirms #contest. Domain registration services via Twitter”

To make it easy, just head on over to the contest page, and scroll down until you find “Click here to post this to your Twitter account”. Makes it easy, quick, and earns you an entry.

Don’t forget, you have to be following @Netfirms to have a shot at winning a prize, so don’t just push out the message, or you won’t qualify.

One retweet equals one entry per day. One domain registered equals one entry.

What does having more routes to register domains mean? Well, for me, it means that I’ll be spending even more money on my domain buying hobby. (I sometimes swear I should be banned from buying domains unless I have the content and design ready to go live.)