Monthly Archives: April 2010

Writing about Secondary Subjects

With many well known bloggers, you might notice them going off on a tangent from time to time. John Chow writes about his meals at restaurants, and over on Shoemoney you might run into posts about fighting.

These off topic posts have created a decent amount of flack for both bloggers, but at the same time, they have touched on something very smart for them. These posts do many things for their blog, and most of them are positive.

I have recently started writing about my technology concerns when it comes to backing up my data. This isn’t really entirely on topic, but at the same time, it isn’t totally off-base from the audience I attract.

These posts allow me to bring in traffic for search engine searches that I otherwise wouldn’t have received. I am bringing in traffic for network attached storage searches, and even more interesting, they are going beyond that single post to see my blogging related articles.

While seeing posts about food or fighting might not be up your alley. Blogs were created to express oneself, and that is what we should all be doing. You never know when it will have secondary benefits.

52 Creative Ideas for Finding New Clients

Over on the Bootstrapper blog, there is a long, but filled with important links post that gives us bloggers some great ideas for finding new clients, and really, new readers.

As a bootstrapper, you know that clients equal business. Without them, you’d just be another one-man (or woman) shop with an office trying not to go into debt. Fighting for and retaining clients against your competition can be a struggle, just like recruiting new employees or searching for a job yourself is a frustrating battle. With this list, we want to help you take a step back from the front lines and get a little creative. Read below for more than 50 ideas on how to find new clients the smart way.

While not all the tips are useful for us, if you are going into affiliate sales, pay-per-click marketing or just selling WordPress themes, most could be very useful.

Blogger Burnout

So there is something I know fairly well, and it is called burnout. It is a condition where I pile on so much work that my life only resolves around work, and I don’t do anything else. This works for a little while, but eventually, any and all work seems like too much. My relationships suffer, and so does the quality of my work, and I eventually realize that I have taken on too much and begin to scale back.

You might have noticed that posting has been a little slow here, and that is because I am really trying to throw myself into doing work for everyone else. I have since contacted everyone I do freelance work for, and let them know that I just can’t keep it up. I have to focus on the company that pays my bills, and gives me a full time income: Splashpress Media.

Moving away from working on other projects will mean increased quality of work on their sites, as well as this one. Hopefully, you haven’t all left to find someone better to read.

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