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Tapping Blog Networks for Personal Brand Building

Joining blog networks is one way you can go about building your personal brand. By joining blog networks though, I don’t mean simply commenting on everyone else’s post and being super active in a blog network community. Sure, active participation in that way is good, especially since people do appreciate (useful and relevant) feedback. However, if you really want to look more than just a fan boy that’s trying to get your foot in, you have to become a regular writer/poster for the blog network.

The problem with this scenario is that in most cases the reputable blog networks will only allow those who are already pretty well know in their niche to guest post. Because of this you either have to look for a lesser known blog network that is more lenient in their guest poster criteria, or join huge networks that accepts blog posts from all their members but only chooses to move up a few (Think SEOmoz’s YouMoz section).

Whichever kind of blog network you decide to latch on, what your primary concern should be that the blog network you join is in the niche you specialize in or are interested in. Remember, if your goal is personal brand building it is more than the links that goes with blog networks that you are after. It won’t do you any good to guest post in blogs where your lack of expertise will shine a bad light on you. Not only that, but it’ll be a waste of your time because the audience is not your target audience anyway.

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Why Google Translate Can Work For Your Blog

If you have something to say, it’s important that everyone hears it. After all, you did not spend hours writing that brilliant article just so people could look at the letters on the page. You want people to be able to read your content, but many take this for granted. Not everyone can read the great blog you have created because not everyone speaks the same language.

Fortunately, it is extremely easy to fix your blog so that more people can read it. It’s also worth noting that many people in America speak English as a foreign language. For this reason, translation of a blog becomes important.

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Why Branding is For Everyone

What do you think of first when asked about brands?

If you’re like most people, big name brands will probably come to mind. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll think of some relatively obscure product or company, no matter how often you use their product or service. This isn’t surprising since it’s exactly how branding is supposed to work. The very purpose of branding is, after all, to get people to remember the brand (and the business/products behind it) and remember it in the way they want us to remember. With big name brands putting millions of dollars into branding, it is no wonder that their brands are among the first that pops into mind when thinking of brands at all.

What you should realize though is that branding is for everyone. No matter how small your business might be, it is still important to invest your resources in branding. The same is true for personal brands. As a publisher, you cannot afford to neglect your personal brand. Yes, your reach might never that of the conglomerates, but it will matter for the audience that you reach. Your business may be small now and your name may not be known, but if you have plans of growing your small business, then by not investing in branding now you’re missing out not only in establishing the kind of reputation you want with you present audience, but a way to get out a POSITIVE image about you to your target audience. Not only that, but you’ll also end up having to start from scratch in the future, when you could have started all the hard legwork right now.

So if you think that branding is not for you, think again, because branding is for everybody.


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