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Tips to Speed Up your WordPress Site

Did you know that besides content, Google is also very particular about the speed a website or blog loads? Yes, this is true the reason why if you’re a publisher, blogger and author, you should now make it a point that your site loads fast enough to drive traffic and engage your visitors.

The speed in delivering content to your target audience is important in making a good impression and attracting a regular stream of readers. A website that’s slow to load will only make people leave before they can even see the entire design of your site. In addition, you won’t be able to land in the top search results of Google.

What can you do then to ensure that your site is up to speed? Here are some tips that you can use.

Firstly, find out the current loading speed of your WordPress website. Use to determine which of your web pages are fast, slow or too big and what steps to follow.
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Tablets Useful as a Second Monitor

As the use of tablets overtake smartphones, publishers are enjoyiong the great benefits of this mobile device. With this new portable technology, they can do their work wherever they may be.

In fact, this gadget also serves busy bloggers, writers and business owners very efficiently. It can be used a second monitor in wired workstations whether at home or in the office. Oftentimes, these people need to work on several browsers and having a single monitor may not be enough. But thanks to the tablet, they can work better and thus, be more productive.

To use your iPad as a second monitor, your first step is to download a second display app. There are Android and iOS app that somehow informs your desktop that another external monitor is connecting to your system.

Some of these popular apps are easy to configure, you can do it in a few minutes. And they’re very affordable ranging from $1.99 to a high of $9.99.
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Blogging as an Unemployment Solution

The over-all unemployment rate in many parts of the world can be quite depressing.  Sadly, even those who are equipped to work in terms of education and experience still find themselves either unemployed or underemployed.  It would appear that people need to do something more to survive during these very difficult times.

People who find themselves in such a situation are forced to tap their inner resourcefulness to determine how they can still use the degrees they finished to help themselves while the employment sector seems to be in a limbo.  The online environment has provided many earning opportunities for a good number of people and a majority of them have found it in blogging.  Blogging is no longer just a means of expressing one’s self online.

The earning opportunities in blogging  are only limited by the bloggers’ level of determination in succeeding.  Information from experts in their respective fields will always find an audience in the Internet.  Blogging can be an unemployment solution for money.

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