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Photo Pin: Great New Source for Images

Bloggers and publishers having difficulty finding quality and beautiful images these days can now heave a sigh of relief. A new site has been launched that provides photos for use on blogs and websites absolutely free of charge.

photo pin site

They can turn to Photo Pin, developed by two men. Max is a digital nomad) and Sameer is a coding ninja.

The photos from Photo Pin use Creative Commons licensing. This means that when you download images, the attribution links are automatically formatted for you.

The Photo Pin web service makes use of the open API of Flickr and no registration is necessary. What it does is whenever a person searches for specific images through the search box, it looks through the image database of the entire Flickr site. Flickr currently has nearly 39 million pictures. Continue reading

Online Safety Tips Publishers Should Keep in Mind

Update and modify. By now, this should be the standard operating procedure (SOP) of every publisher as well as business owners who operate on the web and even private individuals who have various accounts on the internet.

Similar to the real world, one’s safety online should be of a top priority. It pays to be vigilant and not end up a victim of scams, frauds and identity theft.


Statistics show that internet scam complaints from 2005 to 2009 went up from 100,000 per year to almost 300,000. The top scams include identity theft, FBI-related scams, miscellaneous fraud, advance fee fraud and spam. Most of these scams come from the U.S. (65.9%), the U.K. (10.4%) and China (3.1%).
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Is TV Still Relevant in the Online Publishing World?

Relevance of TVI grew up in a very conservative environment, with my parents sometimes taking the extreme. Our home never had a TV, not until I was an adult and decided to give my parents a clunky 25-inch CRT (which was cool back in the day) as a present.

TV has gone such a long way, but there are camps saying that it is going into obsolescence, if it hasn’t already.

Even back in 2008, there was this thought-provoking TED talk by Peter Hirshberg. His talk is titled “The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry”, and its basic premise is that the web is so much more than “better TV.” Here’s the video, if you have time to view it. Continue reading