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The Role of Colors in Online and Offline Marketing

Whether you’re marketing a product or service online or even offline, it helps to pay attention to the colors you use. There’s a psychology behind colors and choosing the right one spells the difference in your business success.

Colors in online marketing

Colors normally provoke specific emotions in people. KissMetrics, an analytics company, revealed that consumers often consider colors when making purchases. Below are specific colors and how they’re used when marketing physical products.

Red represents energy and increased heart rate associated with urgency. As such, it is often used in clearance sales.

Blue is often used by banks and businesses as it helps promote trust and security.

Yellow is for optimism and youth. It is often used to attract attention of window shoppers.

is associated with power and often used in marketing luxury products. Continue reading

Do Online Businesses Have Use for Courier Services?

It is a mistake to think that online businesses do not have use for courier services. At first thought, since business transactions can be carried on online, the need for physical services such as those offered by courier companies is not quite evident. How about items that need to be physically delivered to clients and customers? Who will do that for online stores and businesses? You got it right – a reliable courier service.


The Online Business

The online business option has made it possible for entrepreneurs to conduct a business operation without having a physical store or office. This is quite advantageous money-wise since maintaining a physical business location eats up a considerable portion of capitalization. With a quality product and a working e-commerce site, an online business is set to go.

Not quite though. After advertising and marketing efforts prove successful and customers’ orders come rolling in, ensuring that the products reach the customers in time and in good condition is a major concern. The reputation of the online business is affected if delivery procedures prove wanting.

The Necessary Partner

Online businesses will find that they have a necessary partner in the form of a reliable courier service. Couriers can deliver basically three things: messages, mails, and packages. Online businesses probably wouldn’t need couriers to deliver their messages since there is always the email and social networking sites which make it easy to communicate. When it comes to important mails, packages, and anything that cannot be sent online however, courier service is the way to go.

The courier service industry performs a big role in the conduct of businesses whether online or brick-and-mortar types. It is  a faster option than regular postal services. It is more personal since packages are picked up or delivered right on the doorstep of the customer.

Expanded Services of Courier Companies

The courier service industry has never been more personalized than now. Aside from the traditional services offered, many courier services have expanded their range of services to include tasks previously thought of unthinkable to be given to them. Mail collection, interoffice deliveries ,and even waiting in line in banks are just some additional tasks accepted by select courier service providers. Some even accept the seemingly very personal tasks of dry-cleaning pick-up or buying office groceries.

Do online businesses have use for courier services? Definitely yes. That will be until such time that businesses, whether online or otherwise, can find a better option which at this time is highly unlikely.


Showcasing Your Linked Profile in Images

Among the top social media sites today, Facebook and Twitter have been exerting efforts to enhance their platforms. They make changes every now and then to the surprise of users the next time they log into their social media account.


LinkedIn is fast catching up and after improving the look of its company pages, it has now launched a new look for the profile page of members. Those who love visuals will surely rejoice over this new development as LinkedIn now allows its users to showcase their professional experience through the use of images.

In a move being made for the first time, LinkedIn users can now show their professional achievements through images, videos and even presentations in the most innovative way they can. This is now the opportunity of graphic designers, aspiring film makers and other creative people to present their works on this professional networking site. Continue reading