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4 Tips That Prove Shipping Does Affect Your Online Business


An online business’s success comes from many areas within the organization. Marketing plays a big role, as well as customer service. But there’s one other, often overlooked, area of the online business that has a huge influence on the profit margin as well.

Shipping plays a big part in a company’s fortunes. This fact becomes particularly noticeable when aspects of shipping are ignored and the loss of money becomes apparent. There are four ways to prove that shipping does, in fact, affect your online business. Some of these might surprise you. Continue reading

Website Virus Scanning: An Often Overlooked SEO Problem

Virus Scan Website Scanning

You spent hours, maybe even hundreds of hours developing your website. You placed links where they need to go, you thought carefully about tags and categories and your websites code is flawless. Yet, six months down the road you are finding yourself stuck in some sort of SERP black hole. Keywords, long-tail keywords, whatever you do is falling on deaf ears.

The first thought might be that your focusing on the wrong keywords or that your product simply isn’t meeting the demand of the consumer. In reality the problem could be a basic option that is sometimes overlooked — a virus.

Many new webmasters or business developers simply overlook the potential that their websites have been flagged for some type of malicious code. Sometimes that code is injected by hackers and sometimes too many virus hits from an ad network can send up a red flag. Continue reading