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Common Internet-Based Solutions for Data Backups

Thinking about content strategy or blog monetization can be imperative to the success of your website. But you also need to think about keeping your websites secure and stable. Running anything from a hand-coded platform to an open source CMS will require security. No website is completely protected from harmful intruders.

Data backups are one of the easiest ways you might combat spam or hacking attempts. If somebody compromises your website with some type of bug or malware, it might not be easy to remove. Your hosting support staff does have tools for the job but it’s not always perfect. Thus you might consider methods for organizing your data into local and remote backups for quick re-installation.
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5 Tips for Looking Like a Professional

Man in gray suit cell
This might come as a shock to many — especially men — but your physical appearance is comparable to your resume in a job interview. You might have vast experience and the highest education possible for the open position, but if your appearance isn’t up to par, you could be passed over for the job.

Perhaps you’re wondering how this is possible. It’s very simple, really: How you present yourself to a potential employer will be viewed as how you’ll present yourself to future clients, customers, and business associates. If you’re unkempt, it’s not going to go well. Continue reading