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For those of you that frequent this blog, you might have noticed that AdSense has almost all but disappeared on this site. It might still show up from time to time, but I have been wanting to move away from AdSense on this site for a little while now as the CPM rate I was getting from their ads was lower than I would like to see to continue to build my business.

Google is great at monetizing high traffic sites or being a great starting point for bloggers with low traffic, and I was receiving a check each month, but I wanted to find something better for the niche that this site covers. The advertisements that Google showed here weren’t of the highest quality, nor did they seem to interest any of my visitors, and as such, I was paying writers far more than Google was able to bring in and that is never a good way to run a business.

Thankfully, I have been able to fill my advertising inventory for the most part and so AdSense is now being relegated to my other blogs I am building.

I owe a large part of this change to the advertising sponsors I have in the sidebar, so please take a minute to check them out, as they continue to support my writing of this blog.

With some time, effort, and most importantly, research, you too can find ways to monetize your sites slightly better.

I will be talking more about how I monetized Xfep effectively soon, and why I can’t do the same for the other blogs I am currently running.

2 thoughts on “AdSense Now Rare Here

  1. Kim McGinnis

    David- Congratulations on your growth. Can you share how many unique hits a day that you get with this Blog? I have noticed that the more popular blogs (like yours) tend to go with less or no Adsense…just wondering what the tipping point is.

  2. David Peralty Post author

    The tipping point is simply when you find ways to make more money from other sources. I would say that blogs between 1000 and 10,000 page views a day could earn more from things outside of adsense but it takes time and energy while AdSense doesn’t.

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