Advertising Anniversary Sale

It has been five years now since Sabine, my wife, and I first started dating and as such I am in a really great mood. To celebrate this event, I have decided to discount prices for advertising on this site for the next seven days. So, until September 26th, you can advertise your product, service or site for a reduced rate.

So far this month, I have had over 13,000 page views from nearly 3,000 unique visitors. Feedburner currently lists me as having 98 RSS subscribers. My first podcast on this site has had over 80 people listen to it since being put up only three days ago.

All site advertisers will get mentioned in one post at the end of the month, allowing your product, service or site to be seen by the growing RSS subscriber base.

Special Advertising Rates

125×125 Image (non-animated) – $50/m $25/m in the left hand side of entire site. Only 4 Spots Available!

Text Link – Max 25 Characters Long – $20/m $10/m in the sidebar above the recent posts list. Only 8 Spots Available!

Custom Review$50 $25 – Single post on about a product, site or service. At my discretion! Maximum 2 per month.

Contact me to arrange your advertising and once this sale is over I probably won’t be discounting my advertising again.

*Note: Anyone that advertises at these rates, can continue to do so with no rate increases up to a maximum of six months.

0 thoughts on “Advertising Anniversary Sale

  1. Tom Rupsis

    Make that at least 99 RSS subscribers. I get all my RSS feeds through Outlook 2007. I never subscribed through FeedBurner, but I’ve been enjoying your posts for the past couple weeks since I launched my own blog. Thanks for what you do!

  2. David

    Thanks Tom, I really appreciate that.

    Yeah, with the way FeedBurner calculates certain things, I could have twice as many subscribers and not even know it.

    As you know, I read your stuff too. Thanks for commenting.

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