Google’s Acquisition of AdMob, Good for Mobile Publishers

The big news today is Google’s acqusition of AdMob, a mobile advertising technology company, for a whooping $750 million. For a huge company such as Google that amount of money is nothing compared to the projected impact of AdMob’s integration to Google’s online advertising products.  But for ordinary netizens like us, what does this deal brings?Well, if you’re a mobile content publisher, the deal opens up more monetization opportunities.  The Official Google Blog clearly states what this deal mean to publishers of mobile websites and applications:

“this deal will mean better products and tools and more effective monetization of their content — allowing them to focus more on their users and less on how to generate revenue”

More engaging mobile ad formats, more relevant ads, greater ad reach and others are just some of the things that the whole mobile web publishing will most likely gain from Google’s acquisition of AdMob.

Google has successfully laid out a business model for online advertising, and it has started its goal to dominate  the mobile web advertising  as well.  Its acquisition of AdMob is the start of something big, so make sure you are prepared for it with your contents for the mobile web.

One thought on “Google’s Acquisition of AdMob, Good for Mobile Publishers

  1. cantubury

    so, google has a business model. So did papa john and he is all over the world because he went to ball state university ( and graduated with a plan–not much to do in Muncie except go to schoo, eat pizza or go to Millers bar. What is the income stream? In Business school, we learned 3 out of 5 businesses fail in the first year. They did not pan to fail/ but failed to figure out the income stream. Show me the numbers. Again I am motived to write on my CECT i80 chinese pseudo-clone Apple® phone but will I make enought to pay the connect fee.

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