Web Designers at War

In today’s competitive world everybody tries to beat his opponent and win the contest. The field of web designing is not left untouched in this regard either. Every now and then there are several virtual web design contests that take place. The reason behind this is a kind of Cold War between two competitors of same fields, especially in web designing. Gone are the days when there was only one web designer in the area who used to enjoy the glory of his monopoly. However even in today’s cutthroat competition still there are a few web designers left who provide outstanding services and that too at quite a reasonable price. These web designers do not run after money or they do not even participate in any virtual web design contests, on the contrary they believe in providing quality services which could be helpful in pulling even more clients in the longer run.

Apart from this, there are many web hosting companies which hire their own web designers in order to provide services to their clients. These web designers are proficient in their respective web design languages, which in most cases is WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. Because of these open source web development applications, web hosting service providers can offer their clients free web designing feature either at their own or at clients’ ends. Because of this, chances of Cold War between professional web designers are highly decreased nowadays. However now the competition is about providing web spaces and free e-mail addresses to the clients. This means that different web hosting companies offer different facilities to their clients in order to attract them.

One thought on “Web Designers at War

  1. Mikw

    There are booth positive and negative sides about the competition among webdesigners. The good thing, from the point og view of a buyer (me) is that they are easy to get hold of and that the prices are cheaper than before. On the bad side you have to spend much more time on quality checks and find one that you can trust. Everybody can become “designers” now a day and that leads to that the cowboys enters the stage. Anyway, a profesional webdesigner dont have anything to fear, exept for the fact that they have to master the skill of selling and marketing as well. well.

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