Why I Won’t Be Using EntreCard

EntreCard is another widget fad that is spreading across the blogosphere right now. It allows people to display a banner to their website on your blog for a certain number of credits. Credits can be bought or earned. To earn a credit you just need to “leave” your EntreCard on a blog displaying the widget. You can do this once per blog per day.

EntreCard is the new idea from the guy selling the Million Dollar Wiki, and so my first point about why I won’t be using it is the fact that he will most likely sell it at some point. I know that isn’t a great, reason, but I don’t want any information about my blog being sold to someone else down the road, and no matter what he says today, he can’t promise that he won’t sell down the road.

Secondly, I am not giving a huge advertising position to what basically amounts to another traffic widget. Haven’t there been enough of these already? My biggest question is how does this guy convince so many big names to use his services? John Chow, John Cow, Darren Rowse, and others have already signed on. How strange is that? It isn’t a big money maker, it won’t give huge waves of traffic, but people are using it anyways. I really don’t understand why.

Mark, despite agreeing with me it seems, says we should all be paying attention to the service, and I hesitate to even publish this post because I don’t want to have it gain any more ground. EntreCard is kinda dumb, and people that are using it, are just increasing the money that flows into the pockets of the guy that created it.

Once the buzz wears out, he will sell the site, pocket a decent deal of money, and leave most people with another useless widget on their blogs.

Just my two cents

As you can see, I feel so strongly about this that I didn’t even link to the service…if you want to find it, Google it.

14 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Using EntreCard

  1. knupNET

    David… I’m using it but not sure why yet? It has done nothing for me and is a little pointless… You make some good points. I was just doing it because “the big guys” were doing it.

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  3. Some Useless Info

    As for your question about why big name bloggers support the project, I’ll make a wild guess. MONEY. Paid reviews are all part of marketing. The million dollar wiki took off in a big way after John Chow did a review of it – MDW earned tens of thousands of dollars just from John Chow followers blindly following their leader. So I reckon Graham Langdon must have roped in JC for this project seeing as how successful he was in getting in the cash in the last time.

  4. David

    steve – You think it will stay that way? Once the buzz is gone, so will be the traffic. You have some decent content, which is probably why people are subscribing. But don’t hold your breath about the continued life and success of entrecard.

  5. Tay - Super Blogging

    I haven’t used it yet and I doubt I will. It seems there are a lot of widgets coming out lately that aren’t up to par – EntreCard, BlogRush, etc. I agree with all of your reasons, especially the fact that these widgets take up valuable advertising space and don’t give too much back in return. Also, lately I tend to avoid programs that use “credits”. Great post.

  6. hellyeahdude.com

    While usually reviews use the service before they review it, I think you are right. The more people that start using these services, the shittier they get. Plus, I am not a fan of the 125 X 125 advertising space. I don’t see why everyone is lately, I think that is a fad of its own. I prefer a “tag” size ad specific to my site. If someone really wants to advertise, then let them do the work to crop their ads.

  7. steve

    um, once the buzz is gone, I will still love my free ad on john chow and on problogger. I couldn’t afford that kind of advertising if my life depended on it!

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  9. Simon

    I haven’t yet tried the system out, although I do intend to trial it for the simple reason of analysing the traffic quality for myself, for my own blog. No point relying on 3rd hand information for this kind of thing. 🙂

    Having said that, I do have a skeptical view of it at this point. MDW started off as a great fad, and is all but dead now. Graham has clearly used that success to launch EntreCard, and yes, most of the big blogs using it got paid to review / use it.

    I do wonder whether there will be any real incentive for the big guns to keep using it – I can’t imagine too many of them putting in the behind the scenes work for it. And for the most part, if they aren’t profiting, sooner or later they may remove it.

    Will that mean that the whole system loses its edge? Maybe, maybe not – if there are enough blogs in enough niches actively participating, then it may still be useful. On the other hand, it may just fall into the category of glorified banner traffic exchange, where the majority of the hits come from other EC users, for the purpose of dropping cards. (at which point I would completely lose interest)

    Therefore, I guess in terms of a “pre-review”, I’d have to come down on the side of short term triumph, long term doubt (but by no means a certified failure!). I also had a few concerns when I saw that MDW was being sold to finance EC development, just because it means they are currently spending way beyond their means.

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  11. David Rader

    I think if it works now I’ll use it now.

    I’m not going to never drive a car even if it will assuredly break down in the future. I’ll drive it while it’s good, then stop driving it when it’s not.

  12. Felex Tan

    There are many reason why people give up Entrecard but more me there is the only one reason for me to join is “network”.I build a strong network with other bloggers by exchanging ideas and services.

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