Online Affiliate Referral Scum

So lately I have been getting more contacts through my contact page on this site, and they are all directed at me to try out this new cool system.

The first guy, Cam, sent me a link to try out but it was via the tinyURL service, so I told him I don’t click on such links, and he sent me a link that included an affiliate ID. Never click on tinyURL links or any odd looking links, unless you know who they come from.

His e-mail is, if you want to help sign the dirtbag up for spam.

The second person to contact me, Steve Walters, wanted me to sign up for a service as well, where I would make tiny bits of income on huge ad deals, that would most likely never happen, and in reality would only make the original ad company huge amounts of money.

His e-mail address is, again, feel free to sign him up for spam.

The third person was Curtis Fullmer, who didn’t even try to hide that the link he was sending was a referral link. Even worse, he didn’t send it correctly, meaning if I did click on it, he would not have gotten the referral from me.

He said how excited he was for this new program, and when I called him no being a spammer and sending me junk, he said sorry, and said he was new to the blogging world. Two seconds later on Google, what do I find?

Curtis Fullmer
Director of Affiliate Marketing
AIM – CJFullmer

His e-mail addresses are and He deserves some extra helpings of spam.

In his last e-mail to me, he said that he jumped to fast in e-mailing me, and I hope that this post, and any spam he receives will be a constant reminder for him.

None of these people tried to build relationships with me, they didn’t give me the option to sign up without using their referral ID, and they are just plain old spammers in my book.

Hopefully, none of you will be tricked by these people, and think twice before sending me any more of such spams. I am a friendly person, and I love new programs, but if you try to profit off me, and you aren’t a friend and disclosing that fact, then you shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet.

6 thoughts on “Online Affiliate Referral Scum

  1. iantrepreneur

    funny – I got like 7+ emaisl bout this ppp crap – ramble post comgin soon! its a good thing I google ‘curtisfullmer’ – and you came first you should be happy you have that keyword #1 =P

    -> thanks for the info

  2. Brian

    I think you’re a bit paranoid about tinyurl and clicking on links.

    If someone sends me a link and it has a referral id in it so they might make a few bucks, I think they deserve it if they were the one to turn me on to it, whether I know them or not.

    Just my $0.02 – obviously different that how you feel 🙂


  3. David

    I get where you are coming from, but they shouldn’t cloak the link using URL shortening service.

    Also for me it is like someone walking up to you, telling you there is this great place to go to, but if you want to find out where it is, you have to pay them money.

    I don’t like being tricked, or have people make money off of me like that. Personal preference, but again, I get where you are coming from.

  4. YC

    I got the Steve Walters PPP email too. I have nothing against people asking me to sign up or buy stuff under their affiliate links, but like David, I’d prefer them to be actual friends instead of acting like spammers.

    And I guess this guy must be sending it to all the blogs in the same niche.

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