Blogging in 2008: Time to Worry?

I just finished recording a podcast with James Cogan of Dailypixel, and one thing that came up was blogging, and if it has “jumped the shark”. Basically, we both wonder if blogging is going to see a huge slow down in 2008 as many things align.

First, many bloggers are hitting their saturation point online with digital media. The new cool thing is to reduce the number of feeds you pour through every day, rather than bragging about the thousands of sites in your reader. The second thing that will happen is the continued success of microblogging platforms like Twitter, and social networking sites that allow users to post news posts like MySpace and Facebook.

Also, something I have noticed lately, in communities like Digg, and elsewhere is an anti-blog movement, where even the word “blog” has negative connotations. As though writing a blog isn’t worthwhile or prestigious. I don’t know where this shift has come from, but I have been noticing it more and more as I move around the Internet.

Put all this together, with the fact that the United States may be facing a recession, however minor, and you have a series of events that could pull back the reigns on the unfettered growth that the blogosphere has been experiencing over the last five or so years.

I, for one, am hoping that despite all of this, the blog networks and bloggers I have relationships will continue to do exceptionally well but it should definitely be an interesting year for all types of online publishing.

6 thoughts on “Blogging in 2008: Time to Worry?

  1. Gerard

    Interestingly, ProBlogger has a guest post from Wendy Piersall about how she refocussed her blog as a magazine.

    That’s relevant, because as the ‘blog’ buzzword peaks, we’re all ultimately ‘web publishers’, and WordPress (as our weapon of choice) is as good a publishing platform as any.

    My feeling is that blogging as a niche may be on the wane, but publishing great articles will always be the mark of a great website.

  2. Ben

    I don’t think blogging will be going away. and similar will going to continue grow. I do think there will be a trend away from blog style designs for some blogs (I wrote about it here), but at their core the sites will remain blogs. I think they’re here to stay.

  3. Michael Martine

    Video and mobile (and both together) blogging will be big in ’08. The face of blogging is evolving: more magazine-style and news-style blogs.

    But I also think that ’08 is going to see big growth in business blogs.

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  5. @Stephen|Productivity in Context

    I do not think that blogging is even close to reaching it’s potential. I see it evolving and growing, maybe not on ’08, but soon blogs will look completely different. As mobile technology improves, blogs will need to change to fit better into that format. Google’s open source media device will go a long way towards pushing that process.
    Gerard mentioned WordPress, look at what being open-source has done for it.
    Wait for the kids who have grown up coding to hit college and we will see some fireworks!

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