Sometimes It’s The Simplest Ideas That are Best

One of the reasons I think blogging will always “wow” people in one way or another is for the same reason that any product or service can always find a new way to attract attention: there are still great ideas to be had, even when it seems like it has all been done before.

See Through Sticky Notes

I recently stumbled onto a post talking about semi-transparent Post-it notes from 3M. I have been a long time user of Post-it notes, and seeing this small, simple, but profound advancement totally blew my mind. How could no one have thought of this sooner? The idea of being able to write on the page, without actually ruining the document below is just brilliant to me.

I think that blogging, and blogs will continue to have the same type of moments. Despite Post-it notes having been around for nearly thirty years, they still have found an advancement which could change how the product is used, and give it a resurgence of popularity.

What will the blogging related advance be? I am not sure, but I have a feeling it will be related to multimedia or content syndication.