Twitter Blogs are Annoying

So, I also wanted to take a few minutes today to rant about something that has been annoying me for a long time now: Twitter blogs. Basically, there are many ways to feed content from Twitter, a popular micro-blogging tool, into your WordPress blog. Unfortunately, people aren’t writing real content for their blogs anymore; instead, pushing their Twitters onto the world.

What you end up with as a reader are half a dozen or so one hundred and forty character messages, most of which have no meaning or relevance to you as a reader since they are responses or aimed at specific people.

It is really a shame to see so many blogs heading down this road, and that Twitter has captured their attention so much that they don’t continue to work on their real blogging efforts, a type of communication that can’t occur on a platform like Twitter.

Please, turn off whatever you use to feed your Twitter conversation into your blog, and put some kind of widget in the sidebar instead. Then, as your blog becomes decrepit, hopefully it will shame you so much that you come back and post something decent.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter Blogs are Annoying

  1. Deb Ng

    I’m not a huge fan of Twitter blogs,either. I like being able to at least follow a conversation – even if I can’t participate.

  2. Tom Beaton

    I think this is just a fad. Eventually people will realise the error of their ways and start using Twitter more effectively. If they notice a drop in their traffic and or some public criticism it will soon correct this misuse!

    Tom Beaton

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  4. Kevin Brown

    Great post! I temporarily tested out having Twitter Tool create a daily digest of my tweets and in the process tried to use Twitter in a way that would be somewhat relevant to my blog. Hard to do in 140 characters and a misuse of Twitter. Not to mention the occasional completely useless tidbits that make their way in despite my efforts to avoid them.

    I’ve changed my settings and deleted all of the daily digest posts and can now feel less guilt about posting the mundane daily happenings in my life via Twitter … as it was meant to be.

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