What is Twitter, and Where Can You Learn More?

TwitterThe Twitter trend just doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, and while on there, I saw a message asking people to explain what Twitter is, using the maximum 140 characters that the service allows in a message.

I was profiled on the post about twitter on GhostBlogging.net, and wanted to link it here for all to see.

At the end of the post, there are some links to some helpful articles, if you want to learn more about Twitter. And for those looking to follow me, you can find me at www.twitter.com/davidcubed.

2 thoughts on “What is Twitter, and Where Can You Learn More?

  1. WTL

    Twitter can be an amazing on several levels; one to generally meet and talk with people you know – to keep in the more immediate loop as to what is going on, and to let your followers know about what you have done.

    I’ve found it to help push traffic to my blog (if/when I post to it), and it is sometime invaluable when you need a quick answer to a problem – “Hey Twitter, how do you do X?”

  2. Ajith Prasad Edassery

    Twitter is an amazing concept – more than an SMS based communication, it has a great potential if used judiciously.

    Many blogs have now started putting twitter widgets and I won’t be surprised if twitter monetize their popularity soon.


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