Video Knowledge Share Failure

So recently Mark from introduced me to Ustream, a great site where you can stream video, and have an interactive chat. I tried to promote the fact that I was going to spend two hours each evening in Ustream on my Xfep2 channel, where people could come and ask me for advice. Having been a full time blogger for the last two years, I figured some people would be clamoring at the chance to pick my brain, but on Thursday and Friday, basically no one showed up.

Sure I could have promoted it more, but I did mention it on the Blog Herald, a popular site read by bloggers, as well as mentioning it on here, and lastly Mark also mentioned it on his site.

I found it a little sad that no one saw the value in coming freely to learn from me, but as much as this disheartened me a bit, I have added it to my paid consulting page. If you are looking to learn from me, and would like to do so in a video setting, where the conversation will be recorded for your further usage, please let me know. Rates are already posted on my consulting page.

If you would like to learn more about me, and why it would be advantageous to you to contact me for consulting, check out my about page, for more details on my history with blogging.

6 thoughts on “Video Knowledge Share Failure

  1. Novice SEO

    I was able to check in for a little while twice. I guess we are the lucky ones. Thanks for the effort….. Maybe a once a month free broadcast that is well advertised?

    Cheers……. eric

  2. WTL

    It was fun while it lasted. Perhaps it might be worth reviewing your server logs to see when the peak vistorship day and hour on the blog is, and try running a show then, maybe with up to a week’s notice?

  3. John

    That is such a typical situation. People often think something for free has no value and that something that is expensive must have value. I think that it speaks to the inherent distrust that is out there.

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