Gary Vaynerchuk’s Keynote at Blog World Expo

Gary has given me what will no doubt be my daily inspirational video for doing what I do, and I sat with my Flip Video in hand for half an hour to record it the best that I could. Cramped up before the Q&A, but there is still lots of great content in this video.

I will have an embed, flash version soon, but for now, here is the full quality, unedited AVI for consumption.

Gary V’s Blog World Expo Keynote VideoNote: 787mb, 35 minutes.
Mirror #1 – By Erik Boles

I have also added it to Vimeo, and so now have a lower quality Flash version for people to watch. It is about one third of the file size, so it should be easier for those of you that are sick of the nearly 800mb version I uploaded previously.

Gary Vaynerchuk Blog World Expo Keynote Speech from David Peralty on Vimeo.

For more sizes, and downloads of the video, check out Erik Boles blog, where he’s put up a mirror of the large 780mb version, and a Quicktime version that runs in at 207mb and an iPhone version at 22mb.

14 thoughts on “Gary Vaynerchuk’s Keynote at Blog World Expo

  1. Andy Beard

    He did like 1hr 30mins at Rich Schefren’s event early this year and I have that on DVD for a pick-me-up, along with plenty of other great speakers.

    Note: 404 error on the file

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  3. Tracy Benham

    Thanks David for sharing this vid.
    Missed most of the keynote & I always get something out of Gary’s stuff. (as Andy mentioned Gary’s talk at Rich Schefren’s event was great).
    Thanks for all of your blogworld 08 videos.

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  6. Gary McElwain

    David thank for the great lesson on branding ourselves. More videos like this and you will be a Brand yourself. Starting with Gary is a good place to begin.

    I will help spread the word and post it on my blog.

    Gary McElwain

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