Speaking at WordCamp Toronto in October

So, it looks like I will be speaking at WordCamp Toronto this October. The event runs October 4th and 5th, and will have sessions from many great WordPress fans, developers, and bloggers.

The attendee list is quickly growing, and I am looking forward to giving any expertise I may have to the people that chose to attend my session (read that as very excited and nervous). I am still hammering out the details of what exactly I will be speaking on, but as many of you already know, I have an opinion on everything.

I have to admit that I felt a little snubbed by the event at first, as I applied to speak when the announcement of the conference was first posted, and didn’t really receive a strong response from the organizers, but after a while, they did get back to me with more information, and we were able to come to an agreement.

What I, and many people are excited about is that Matt Mullenweg will be coming to Toronto to speak at the event. It is always nice when Matt can give his own thoughts, opinions, and of course time to the community that he has helped build.

I have listened to him talk before, and I have to admit, he is much smoother at public speaking than I am. It reminds me a lot of the effect that Steve Jobs has on people who come into close proximity of him.

If you are interested in more information about the WordCamp Toronto event, please check out the blog that the organizers have set up at CCSAI.ca/WordCampToronto.