Big News: I am PicApp’s Community Manager

PicApp logoSo, for those of you that listened in to the WordPress Weekly podcast, you probably found out my big news: I am PicApp’s new Community Manager.

This means, for the first time in nearly three years, I will not be a full time blogger for a blog network, though my commitment to my own sites, and Grand Effect also remain strong. I am super excited to be part of the PicApp team.

PicApp is a newer servce, created to fill a need that PicScout realized the market currently had: lack of legal, high quality stock images being used in blogs. PicApp provides access to high quality editorial and creative images from some of the biggest stock photography suppliers in the world. With names like Getty and Corbis, you would expect to pay a high price if you wanted your blog to display such images, but PicApp gives them out freely, while protecting the original owners using an embed code, not unlike putting a YouTube video into your blog posts.

I will be working with bloggers, passing their thoughts, and opinions of PicApp back to the developers and product management team in hopes of creating the best image service possible for bloggers unable to afford the high cost of quality stock photography or the legal costs and issues that arise from copyright theft of images.

Pro Blog News has a great report on my career change, taken mostly from the WordPress Weekly Podcast.

5 thoughts on “Big News: I am PicApp’s Community Manager

  1. Jan Karlsbjerg

    Congrats on the move, David.

    If it were me, my first order of business would be to fix the slogan. I’m guessing there are some designers on staff who will insist on keeping the round, cutesy font, but the text has to change. “because a picture’s worth”!

  2. Steven Finch

    Congrat Dave. It is really good to hear you are moving to a startup to work. I thought it would be only a matter of time before you left Splashpress. I personally think that there style of business is not currently moving and they are just stagnating. You will have to fill me in on your new position more and I will let all our readers on know.

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