CashQuests Sold: $15000

Soon there won’t be any Make Money Online blog that still has its original author, as another great site, CashQuests, sells during what appears to be a strange wave of popularity for make money online blogs on SitePoint.

The auction only lasted a few hours, and went from a bid of $7000 to a final sale price of $15,000 in just the two bids.

The site, unlike others, did sell for the normal one year revenue mark we are used to seeing from most sales on SitePoint. It will be interesting to see how many more take the opportunity to unload their blogs.

It is interesting to note that there doesn’t yet seem to be any mention of the sale on the site, no doubt to make sure readers are not turned off by the upcoming transition.

Note: eXtra for Every Publisher isn’t going anywhere unless the buyer has really deep pockets…

4 thoughts on “CashQuests Sold: $15000

  1. Kiltak

    Most of the money is from paid reviews… which is pretty much worthless… 15000 for a blog that only receives about 500 uniques per day is completely ridiculous.

    Anyways, good thing for the owner 🙂 Especially since Adsense banned the blog from using their ad blocks a while ago 🙂

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