Proper Meta-Blogging is Useful

Meta-Blogging is a blog that talks about blogging, much like this one does. There has been a recent revolt against this type of blogging now that there are a few very well established blogs out there and so people are giving automatic thumbs down to everyone that starts a new blog about blogging, the blogosphere, or the blogging industry.

I think this is wrong, and honestly, quite silly. Meta-Blogging can be quite useful if done correctly.

Think of it this way, every time a new blogger creates a blog for any purpose, if they really want to stick with it and do well they will seek out advice from others. So most likely they find Darren’s, and maybe they find his articles difficult to understand, or they don’t like his personality or attitude, but then they go to another site, read some similar content, and find a connection with that writer.

I really think that is how many of what I would call “the secondary power bloggers” came into existence. They might have covered the same subject, but they did it in a way that a certain group could relate to and that made the site popular.

More and more, in every niche, I hear “it has all been done” and that really disappoints me, and when I hear people giving up so easily after seeing the hard work and extreme odds they would have to overcome, I tell them that they are right and watch as they walk away back to their day jobs.

I have been around watching things grow and change over the past few years, and I think there is still many new things that need to be said about the ever evolving blogosphere, and that if no one with a new and fresh perspective joins the conversation, everything will eventually become stale.

On certain high profile sites, I sometimes feel like they are repeating the same messages over and over again, re-hashing their archives using new examples, and it is something I am sick of.

I would like to proclaim myself to be one of what I hope will be many new voices handing out tips, tricks and advice on prospering in the current blogging world. I am not Darren Rowse, I am not John Chow, I am Canadian*… I mean David.

* Canadians that have television will get the joke. As for the rest of you, check out Wikipedia and YouTube.