The Rise and Fall of Make Money Online Blogs

Over a month and a half ago I looked through the Top 100 Make Money Online blog list (see the previous post entitled: Five Months Later: Top 50 Make Money Online Blogs Shuffle), and compared it to five months previous, and to my surprise, very little had changed. Many blogs shuffled around, but for the most part, there weren’t many new blogs in the Top 50, and there weren’t many double digit shifts in position.

This time though, there are factors at play that have totally changed the playing field and confirming to me that there are a few types of blogs in any niche.

The first group are the ones that are thought leaders. They stand at the top of the pack, and consistently rank in the top ten for their niche.

Then there are the echo chamber folks that sit near the end, and probably won’t get into this top 50 list any time soon.

Lastly, there is pretty much everyone else, and there is a strange pattern appearing to me with regards to this middle section. Some of the blogs rise to the top, joining the though leaders, others fall to the bottom, and almost none stick to where they are now.

It seems to me like many blogs rise quickly, make a good impression, get a wide following and enjoy a period of success before slowly dropping back down, and being replaced by someone new.

My guess is that most of these blogs have realized the sad truth about blogging in this niche: it is hard to make money blogging about making money online.

New Rank Blog Name Old Rank Movement
1 Problogger 1 0
2 Shoemoney 2 0
3 John Chow 4 +1
4 Dosh Dosh 3 -1
5 Entrepreneurs Journey 7 +2
6 Daily Blog Tips 6 0
7 Performancing 5 -2
8 Affiliate Tip 16 +8
9 Strategic Profits 20 +11
10 Courtney Tuttle 8 -2
11 Andy Beard 9 -2
12 Zac Johnson 15 +3
13 Jim Kukral 27 +14
14 45n5 12 -2
15 5 Star Affiliate Programs 19 +4
16 ReveNews 24 +8
17 eXtra For Every Publisher 36 +19
18 Emoms At Home 18 0
19 Garry Conn 28 +9
20 Carl Ocab 17 -3
21 Vandelay Design 10 -11
22 Caroline Middlebrook 11 -11
23 Blogging Tips 21 -2
24 Blogstorm 13 -11
25 Mixed Market Arts NA NEW
26 Memwg 55 +29
27 Pure Blogging 33 +6
28 Internet Business Coaching 41 +13
29 Nate Whitehill 52 +23
30 Winning The Web 49 +19
31 James D. Brausch 31 0
32 Blogging Bits NA NEW
33 Uber Affiliate 22 -11
34 John Cow 14 -20
35 Blog Clout NA NEW
36 Buzz Marketing by Dean Hunt NA NEW
37 Affiliate Watcher NA NEW
38 Just Make Money Online NA NEW
39 Ian Fernando 43 +4
40 Who is Andrew Wee 29 -11
41 Affiliate Marketing Blog from UK 39 -2
42 Tyler Cruz 23 -19
43 Can I Make Big Money Online NA NEW
44 Cash Quests 59 +14
45 The Writers Manifesto NA NEW
46 Super Affiliate Mindset 25 -21
47 Newest On The Net NA NEW
48 CPA Affiliates 48 0
49 Richard Lee NA NEW
50 Slightly Shady Seo NA NEW

More NEW Sites

To me it looks like there are more new sites in this list than ever before, and what is really interesting to me, someone that follows this niche closely, is how few of these sites I have any experience with. Did they quickly rise up the list, just recently added to the list, or were they hidden gems that I didn’t notice?

Lots of Double Digit Movement

On this list, there is a huge number of blogs that rose or fell by ten places or more, and this is in a large part to the two important shifts over the last six weeks.

The first shift is how Alexa ranks blogs, and because of this, many blogs that were doing really well, are now falling fast, while others that weren’t doing so well in the Alexa ranking department are floating fast to the top. Alexa hasn’t released the information on how their new calculations are being made, but it definitely appears to be a game changer for some blogs.

The other recent news was a small Google PageRank update that helped some previously PR 0 blogs get ranked higher on the list. In the top 50, there are only two blogs with a PageRank of three, everyone else is higher. Some sites got a small decrease, while others that were previously penalized for selling text links, got a slight reprieve.


The previous list was nice, and well rounded. It was missing a few people that I thought were great in the niche, and while some of them have returned to the Top 50, I feel like this currently list is really strange and not as well representative of the niche as the previous one was.

What does this mean for the Make Money Online niche? I am not certain yet. I think in a few months we will have a better picture for what is going on, but it does seem like many once popular sites are losing their will to really compete, allowing new sites to get into the top 50 ranking for the niche. I look forward to hearing what Mark, the Top 100 list’s provider’s opinion on the new Top 50 Make Money Online blogs.

7 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Make Money Online Blogs

  1. Kevin

    Blogs tend to grow exponentially so I think that the top blogs should be roughly the same after every few months. Of course, some blogs grow faster than others so you might see a few blogs going up and down the list quicker.

    You mentioned that ‘it is hard to make money blogging about making money online.’ I agree with this.

    I have said this before and I’ll say it again, many of these blogs are the first website ever created by someone and lack of experience sometimes shows. They saw that john chow was making money by talking about making money and thought they could do the same. Unfortunately, many don’t realise that JC’s been working on the net for many years.

    I’ve seen a few money making blogs start off by telling readers that the blog will chart their making money journey but the tone of the website changes quickly and they soon write as if they ‘are an authority’. The quality of posts on some of these blogs are pretty good but with many of them it’s a case of the blind leading the blind.

    For this niche I also think there’s a high drop out rate. Most likely because the owner realises its so touch to make money from running a blog like this…and no doubt because of the money the sites are selling for on sitepoint.

  2. 45n5

    I think everybody is just about where they should be 😉 Seriously.

    Regardless of the alexa/pr shakeups, many people are just getting real lazy with their blogs in this niche, maybe for the reason you mention, they aren’t making millions from it or something.

  3. John

    I’d agree with Kevin, far too many new bloggers jump straight into the niche and just regurgitate what everyone else is saying.

    Alexa’s new ranking system does seem to be more realistic with less bias towards sites with a technical (i.e. visitors who are likely to have the Alexa toolbar) flavour.

  4. David at

    A lot of people are interested in making money online. Hence, the interest in make money online blogs, and why so many new blogs are created in this niche. You can make a go of it in this niche, I suspect, but you have to be willing to fight it out tooth and nail. Most people who start MMO blogs don’t do it because it’s their passion, they do it because they want to make money online. This is a recipe for frustration and failure. I know I’m much happier since I started blogging about politics and economics 🙂

    – Dave

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