Top 50 Update: Make Money Online Blogs – New is Hot

It is time again to check in to see how Make Money Online blogs are doing, and so I turn once again to the list to see where things are positioned and use my previously posted list from the end of March for comparison.

Check out Five Months Later: Top 50 Make Money Online Blogs Shuffle.

One thing I want to mention is how happy I am to still be rising in the ranks. I didn’t think I would get into the top 15, but I am currently sitting at number 13, and I couldn’t have done it without my friends and readers. While many of the blogs I know and love are quickly dropping out of the top 50, I’ve been able to hold my ground, and even move up a notch or two, and that really excites me for the future.

New Rank Blog Name Old Rank Movement
1 Problogger 1 0
2 Shoemoney 2 0
3 Dosh Dosh 3 0
4 John Chow 4 0
5 Entrepreneurs Journey 7 +2
6 Daily Blog Tips 6 0
7 BlueVerse NA NEW
8 Mixed Market Arts NA NEW
9 Jim Kukral 27 +18
10 Strategic Profits 20 +10
11 Blogging Tips 21 +10
12 Blogger Unleashed NA NEW
13 eXtra For Every Publisher 36 +23
14 Carl Ocab 17 +3
15 Internet Business Coaching 41 +26
16 Courtney Tuttle 8 -8
17 Performancing 5 -11
18 45n5 12 -6
19 Dat Money 40 +21
20 Affiliate Tip 16 -4
21 Conversation Marketing NA NEW
22 Freelance Folder 26 +4
23 Zac Johnson 15 -8
24 Andy Beard 9 -15
25 Who Is Andrew Wee 29 +4
26 Gary Conn 28 +2
27 Affiliate Watcher NA NEW
28 Winning the Web 49 +21
29 The Net Fool NA NEW
30 Ian Fernando 43 +13
31 The University Kid 50 +19
32 Pure Blogging 33 +1
33 Nate Whitehill NA NEW
34 Caroline Middlebrook 11 -23
35 5 Star Affilliate Programs 19 -16
36 Blogging Secret NA NEW
37 Blogging Bits NA NEW
38 Blogstorm 13 -25
39 Blog About Your Blog 32 -7
40 ViperChill NA NEW
41 Ades Blog 46 +5
42 John Cow 14 -28
43 Super Affiliate Mindset 25 -18
44 Memwg NA NEW
45 Uber Affiliate 22 -23
46 ReveNews 24 -22
47 CPA Affiliates 48 +1
48 Ez Online Money NA NEW
49 Software Projects NA NEW
50 Affiliate Confessions NA NEW

More NEW Hotshots

Another round where there are many new blogs entering the top fifty list, and even more interesting than last time I did this, some of the ones in the top fifty, struck way up the list.

I can’t understand why there are so many newer sites rising so high so quickly, pushing other great brands from the top fifty in the niche. Is it because those older sites are getting lazy, or are these new sites just “that” good? Maybe it is harder to maintain a rank, or continue growing a brand? I am not sure, but whatever it is, I find the huge leaps by unknowns and the huge drops by big brands very unnerving.

We have had a few minor Google PageRank updates since the last time I did this, but can it account for everything?

Brands Off the List

Other than the top five blogs in the list, I feel like many of the sites that I read constantly have dropped out of the top fifty, some even dropping out of the top one hundred which makes me quite sad.

I feel like a lot of this has to do with the blog sales that have gone on in the last year, with people taking a one time cash in, and basically ruining the equity that has been built into their blogs. Some of the biggest drops seemed to occur after the blogs were sold, continuing to prove the fact that blogs experience huge drops in traffic, links, and rankings as they get purchased by other companies and not integrated, or continued correctly.

The Alexa Rank Slide

Another thing I have noticed on many blogs, including my own is a huge drop in Alexa ranks. And by drops, I of course mean an increase in that all of the blogs are moving further away from the top ranking of being number one, and sliding ever further downwards.

When Alexa first announced that it was going to be using more data points to come up with its rankings, I actually experienced a nice increase, and since then, I’ve been sliding ever since, despite my traffic actually going up over the same period of time.

Since the list takes into account Alexa rankings, and not everyone seems to be dropping at the same rate, rankings are getting shuffled in interesting ways that have very little to do with traffic. I definitely feel like it is worth devaluing Alexa rankings a little further in the current list.


Performancing is the most interesting blog on this list, according to me, as it was a top five blog, and has now dropped down to the seventeenth spot. The blog is a powerful, thought leader, with some great writers. It has an insanely good Technorati rank, its Google PageRank is still penalized, but its Alexa is dropping like stone, thus severly effecting its position on the list.

Should it be ranked seventeenth? I don’t think so, but that’s just my personal opinion.