Mashable Mentions Grand Effect

There are a handful of blogs out there where being mentioned is one of those gold stars you put on your mental calendar and just yesterday, I was able to give myself a gold star with Mashable mentioning the Grand Effect blog network that I am part of.

I almost feel embarrassed though as we have such great members, but the network site is in disarray. I am working on a redesign which should be up sooner rather than later with tons of new content which highlights our great members and the advantage of advertising with us as a collective.

I am no Mike Rundle though, so please be patient as I put it all together, and I hope you will like it. It will be a marked improvement over the current site, and it will have many more features and rate cards for advertising on each member’s site as well as the network as a whole.

I want to give a huge thanks to Mark at Mashable for mentioning us. I am very humbled that we got a nod from such a great site, and I hope the hordes of people stay away until I can get the new site unveiled.

For those that are interested, here is a little snippet from my attempt at a new design:

Grand Effect's New Design

8 thoughts on “Mashable Mentions Grand Effect

  1. Kevin Muldoon

    Joining or starting a blog network is something I am definately thinking about long term. Will the network be handing advertising for all sites involved?


  2. David

    We will be working on handling advertising for the sites that want us to. Everyone is allowed to make their own decisions on how they want things managed. 🙂

  3. Kevin Muldoon

    Cool. How will you be branding the network on network sites – will it just be the network bar? (sorry for all the questions, as I said, I’m thinking of joining one in the future so I’m curious!)

  4. David

    Hey Kevin, never thought anyone would want to subscribe to comments. I’ve always found it rather annoying in the past on other blogs. 🙂 I will set it up though, and make sure people aren’t subscribed by default, so that everyone will have the option.

    As for your question, the network bar will be our point of branding, as well as the grand effect site itself. We won’t place any other branding or information on the sites though the members have been great about announcing new members, talking about Grand Effect coverage, and helping out any way that they can.

    I know a network bar might seem a bit more “in your face” than the 9rules leaf or something similar, but all of these bloggers really understand working together and sharing credit with each other, rather than just directing everyone to the network site.

    I love how easy it is for people to check out the members sites, without having to click first to the network home page.

    The next steps will be getting the network site set up correctly with rate cards and information on the members, and then we will be working on placing an ad on those that want to participate that will be network wide. Thus allowing us to pool our page views, and our influence and sell larger advertising.

  5. Kevin Muldoon

    yeah the subscribe comments is good because it only subscribes you if you click on the checkbox. 🙂

    Im sure that the network will prove a success.

    Once the network is about to launch drop me an email and I can write a post about it for – Blog networks is something that hasn’t really been covered on the site so it would be good to do an article on it 🙂

  6. David

    Thanks man, I definitely will.

    And there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to blog networks…that’s for sure.

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