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So, I have been using HostGator for this blog for a while now, and they are just one of a few different hosting accounts I own, and by far one of the better ones. I am lucky currently that all my hosts are amazing, from the small Vortexhost I use to display my personal blog DavidCubed, to HostGator for this and other blogs to a shared account I have with friends on Mosso.

Here and there, this site goes down due to too many connections. I am not exactly sure why yet, but I jumped on the live support, and within half a minute, my site was back up and running again. They even gave me some indications on what could be causing the problem.

I am very happy, and very impressed, and I think far too many people only write about their hosts when they are unhappy. HostGator, you are doing great for me, so please keep up the great work.

9 thoughts on “HostGator Live Support Review

  1. Jonny Hardwick

    I also use HostGator for my blog, in fact all of my sites. In my opinion they are the best Web Hosts out there due to their incredible customer service and very reasonable prices. Their mission statement is “We eat up all the competition” and I can definitly say that they live up to their name.

    Jonny Hardwick

  2. Steven Snell

    I used Host Gator for about 6 months and was very happy with no problems until one day when I hit the Digg front page. I had survived 2 other front page visits with them so I thought I was safe, but the blog went crumbling down (which you would expect from $10 a month hosting). I could understand that it went down, but from that point on their service was horrible. They acted like I was a criminal for taking their server down and they said there was no way the site would be up withing 3 days, even if I upgraded to a $70 a month dedicated server. So I had no choice but change hosts that day. It’s a shame because it was only one bad experience out of the time I was with them. I still recommend them to friends and clients that have no intention of ever targeting Digg or going after large bursts of traffic. The pricing and features are great.

  3. David

    Steven – that’s really weird. I’ve had no issues with Digg, but I’ve never experienced the FULL effect. Did you have caching set up properly as I know without it, you can create some wonderful issues for the hosting provider.

    Though it sounds to me like they moved you from one server to another after you brought down a high quality server, they pushed your site to a less populated, older one so if it happened again, it wouldn’t effect many others, thus also ruining your service quality.

    I know of some hosts that have done that before, actually, I had a blog moved to its own dedicated box (Not on HostGator, and I wasn’t told this of course until I actually asked a support agent about something else) and the box they put me on was over three years old, and was basically a piece of junk. They said they did it to make sure they were able to meat their service level agreements for other people.

    So yeah… There are so many factors that go into hosting, but thus far, I’ve only had good experiences in support with HostGator.

  4. Steven Snell

    No, it wasn’t cached. I know a big part of the situation was my fault. The first time I hit the front page of Digg is wasn’t planned, but the site held up well so I thought I was fine. I actually even called Host Gator that day and asked if I should upgrade services to ensure that the site wouldn’t go down. They set it was fine and there was no need to upgrade. That’s what bothered me. I don’t know if they moved my site or what, but it was inaccessible for what they said was going to be 3 days.

    I think every host is up and down. I switched to Media Temple because so many people raved about them. Now recently I’ve read a bunch of negative stuff about them (my experience has been mixed, but pretty good).

  5. James Mann

    I use HostGator as one of my hosting accounts and haven’t got a single negative thing to say about them.

    The only time I needed to use their live support was to move a domain from a crappy hosting account to HostGator. The support was great.

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  8. Myron

    This is why you should run your own vps or server. Take the hosting company out of the equation. I run a server with Server Intellect and never have to worry if my websites are going to be shut down because someone if hogging the resources of the CPU. I can also run any software including beta and never have to hear my host say “we cant install this because it will effect other customers”

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