Hosting: Dragging Down Profits so Consolidating

One of the most difficult things that bloggers have to deal with is hosting and for me, that issue is coming up more and more as I build up bigger sites, and I now want to bring everything under one hosting account with one hosting company.

Currently, over half of my projects are hosted on Host Gator, and while I have nothing but happy words for the service that they have provided me (see my recent post on Host Gator’s support), I am starting to hit a wall due to the popularity of this and other sites that I run on their hosting. Basically, I have had too many open connections more than once, and they haven’t been able to tell me the exact cause, thus leading me to think I need bigger, better hosting.

The rest of my projects are hosted on Mosso, except for my personal blog. Mosso is great, except I am not a fan of their control panel. I find it fairly limiting, and I hate learning curves when dealing with hosting. I try to stick to hosts that allow me either a cPanel control panel, or root-like access through SSH. Anything else, and I get frustrated. Who wants to spend a day learning how to manage hosting, especially when you have enough work in just needing to run a dozen sites?

My personal blog is being hosted on VortexHost. This is a smaller hosting company, but the service, and support has been bar-none the best I have ever had. Pricing might not be the most competitive, but it was one of the first web hosts I had ever used, and I have never been disappointed by the decision. Justin, the owner, has always been very helpful and adds his personal touch to making sure I am happy, whenever he can. Most other hosts I have used have been compared against my experiences at VortexHost.

I just feel like it is time to pick one company to manage all my hosting needs. This would hopefully help cut down costs, as I am paying what I consider a pretty penny for all my hosting.

On average, I would say that around $60 each and every month is spent to host my various blogs. This one has the highest traffic with nearly twenty-thousand page views a day.

I was thinking about looking at other “cloud space” hosts that work in a similar vein to Mosso, or maybe going with a company like Slice Host, as they keep coming up on my radar.

Some hosts I will not consider, due to personal experiences:

  • Dreamhost
  • A Small Orange
  • eMaxHosting

If you have any thoughts or recommendations for me, please let me know. Who should I be hosting with? I would like to keep it under $40 per month, and I would like to have cPanel and/or high level SSH privileges. I would like to have a high level of stability, and great support. I am fairly tech savvy, but I am not going to sit around messing with ipchains on the server.

11 thoughts on “Hosting: Dragging Down Profits so Consolidating

  1. Duncan

    MediaTemple is recommended so far, I’ve recently switched most of my sites across to them, I’m not sure about the base plan in terms of SSH (I’m on a virtual service with full Plesk access), but a lot of the top sites host with them, and I like the idea of cloud hosting a lot.

  2. BillM

    How much bandwidth does this translate to you needing? I had no idea this blog had 20k views a day? Did I read that right?

    That’s HUGE, at least it is by my standards.

  3. David

    Duncan – I was looking at their service. I had bad experiences with Plesk about 5 years ago now, but their control panel looks MUCH improved, and I don’t HAVE to have SSH, but I do enjoy having it when the host permits it. Thanks for weighing in on this.

    BillM – It uses around 15GB a month in bandwidth. Or around 500mb a day. And yeah, you read it right. Though the last two days it averaged 30k page views, so its still in a growth phase.

    Total across all of my sites, I am going to need around 25GB a month in BW… so not too bad in that respect, but it needs to handle a total of around 50k page views a day.

  4. Brad

    I don’t really have a recommendation, and although I use Vortexhost for now, and it’s been GREAT, it is a bit pricier than I’d like. I may end up looking for new hosting just to save a few $$$.

  5. Jacob

    I can offer up a rec for Dreamhost.

    Been using them for only a few months, but I have had no complaints. They had issues with one email server awhile back, but I wasn’t affected. I am not sure how long service was down, but they made up for it by offering refunds to many customers.

    The service is very personal, and I feel like I could eventually get all my hosting from them.

  6. Kevin

    I’ve had a dedicated server for the last 4 or 5 years so I don’t have any shared hosting companies I can recommend.

    I am currently using WiredTree and whilst they are a little more expensive that a lot of alternatives, their support is the best. Normally I get a response to a support ticket within 5 minutes. Infact, I can’t recall ever waiting longer than that.

    They do also have VPS solutions starting at $49 a month so I would recommend checking them out.

    Good luck


  7. David

    Brad – Honestly, for how much web hosting you use, you could probably find A Small Orange’s $25/year 75mb space, 3gb BW a month sufficient, no?

    Jacob – I don’t like Dreamhosts control panel, I find their service to be reasonable, but not great. I won’t host there again.

    John Cow – Pimping affiliate stuff to the end eh? Thanks for the suggestion though.

    Kevin – Heavily considering WiredTree now. Will have to do more research on them.

  8. Kevin

    Yeah you should do some searches on them. I’m sure they are not perfect but I have been very pleased with them since day one. They’re pretty clued up on blog scripts etc too, particularly ones which cause problems, conflicts and heavy load etc

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