My Linux-fu is Rusty

Between yesterday and today I realized how rusty my ability with Linux has become. While in College, I was actually near the head of my class in Linux, but over the last two days, I have been struggling to install the necessary packages just to get a single web application to run properly.

I have never felt so defeated in my whole life, and even worse, the work I am doing is for a client, and not myself, making it all feel like a waste of time and effort.

Over the last few years, I have become more and more used to Windows Vista and its quirks, as well as OS X on my mac. Everything is fairly easy on those two machines, and installing software doesn’t require a strong understanding of dependencies.

Even my normal Linux experience has been a breeze with tools like Apt-get, Yum and other “quick” install tools now available, but when working on a web server that you didn’t set up yourself and co-locate somewhere, it can almost be like sailing unknown waters.

I have worked hard to get everything to work, but had to give in and contact support for assistance. I wanted them to blow away the operating system and start over after the mess I made, but they seem confident that they can undo the damage that my usage has caused.

What a day…

2 thoughts on “My Linux-fu is Rusty

  1. James Mowery

    Only a few days ago I managed to completely ruin my MySQL database. Thankfully, with my VPS host, I have a one click backup and restore solution available. I lost a few hours of work that I’m now trying to make up, but thank god for that.

    I’m starting to get back into the grove of things with Linux, but the best way to do it is to get in there and get dirty.

    … Having an unmanaged VPS means I have to get dirty all the time. Hopefully the short-term struggle will provide long-term knowledge. (I also save quite a nice chunk of money by doing it on my own. But it requires a lot of time.)

    Good luck with it all David!

  2. WTL

    That does indeed blow. I leave the linux-foo to the people who breathe it. You can just wreak too much destruction with a misplaced keystroke. 😉

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