My Process: Moving to a New Webhost – Part 1

I am already getting ready to move all of my sites over to my new web host, WiredTree. I am still learning what it means to own and manage a virtual private server account, but I have already been able to install Subversion to manage my WordPress installs and upgrades, and so this will save me valuable time on upgrading as each new release of WordPress comes out.

WiredTree had Yum set up, so installing Subversion was very easy. While logged in via SSH, I entered yum install subversion and it did the rest. Afterwards, I was able to download the latest version of WordPress 2.5.1 though the now installed Subversion system by entering svn co . with the final period at the end referencing the local folder being very important to the command.

Next time, when I update to the next stable release, I will use the svn sw command in my shell prompt rather than the svn up command that people using the trunk releases use. I won’t be using trunk as I need my blogs to work correctly at all times, despite most people not having issues with trunk, I don’t want to take any chances.

To learn more about installing and maintaining WordPress through Subversion, I suggest you check out the codex page entitled Installing/Updating WordPress with Subversion.

Next, I moved all of the files for this site over to the new hosting space, and checked to make sure everything looked correct.

My next steps are to get the database for this blog set up on the new site, export the content from this blog, and import it into the fresh, new blog on my WiredTree account. I will then move the DNS so that it points to my new hosting, and see if everything is working correctly with this blog.

I plan on moving the DNS during the weekend, when I have a lower amount of traffic than normal, so that if I do have problems, they won’t be as noticeable to most people compared to doing this whole thing during the week. If everything works as planned, all of the other sites I run will slowly be migrated over during the next two or so weeks.

3 thoughts on “My Process: Moving to a New Webhost – Part 1

  1. Kevin

    I’m sure everything will transfer ok. If you have any problems, wiredtree support is always good and they’re always quick to respond too. 🙂

  2. WTL

    I migrated a site from one server to another this week – I did the DNS change around 2 in the morning and it was pretty much everywhere in less than an hour. Went very smoothly. *whew*

    I like it when things work smoothly.

  3. David

    Yeah, I think the days of waiting 2 days for the DNS to update around the world is pretty much over, thank goodness. 🙂 I will be keeping the “old” site and hosting live until the end of the month though to make sure slow DNS updating areas still see a site. 🙂

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