John Chow’s September 2007 Income Report

John Chow’s September 2007 Income Report also known as “the post that makes me cry every month” has been posted on his blog, and its dizzying to watch as his blog gets past the $20,000 mark in one month, and even more amazing, it is only a year since the blog started.

His total blog income for September was $20,512.17 USD. This means that he made a little over $683 a day from his blog. I really want to stress how amazing this is because if he earned this much every month for a year he would be pocketing over $240,000 USD. Not bad for any blogger, let alone one that primarily blogs about making money online.

He did prove me right on one thing I have said before though and that is that private ad sales are really the way to go, as it became his biggest earner in September. This increase is most likely due to his redesign which focused heavily on creating advertising positions for him to sell.

John has done well for himself, but I believe that there are many other bloggers out there that can put in the effort needed to see such results as well.

If you are on Facebook, feel free to join my John Chow Wannabe Support Group, where you can complain, question, and network with others that want a piece of John’s income online and if you are lucky, John Chow, who is also a member, might stop by, and say “hello”.

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  1. Kiltak

    John is a great example of how you can blog about something, telling everyone how great you are, and profit from the actions of people who are only going to try immitating you. I’m pretty sure that less than 10% of his readers can actually earn enough to reach the $100 adsense limit in a given month.

    Mark over at 45n5 did a great vlog titled: You Will NOT Make Money Online which illustrate exactly why most people fail.

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