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Questions and Answers Live on Ustream

I am looking at having a live session on Ustream where people can ask me their blogging related questions. I will be running the session from 8pm EST tomorrow night until I get tired of it. I will be using’s built in recording function to record the session.

I am hoping at doing more of these as I have always enjoyed them in the past. If you have a specific time or day that would work better for you, please let me know.

Also, if you would like a one on one video session, I am available for consultation.

Join me on my channel tomorrow night.

Update: Didn’t work out as Ustream wouldn’t transmit audio from either of my computers. More on that soon.

WordPress 2.4 Administration Panel Preview

When WordPress 2.4 comes out on January 24th, the first thing pretty much everyone will notice is a brand new WordPress Admin panel design. The user interface side of things doesn’t appear to have changed much, but there is a huge graphical change, and some minor new features. For taking a small moves approach to developing WordPress, this one is sure to create all kinds of buzz in the coming weeks.

I took it upon myself to download the latest WordPress nightly and install it to see how the new design was coming along, and after getting it set up, I went and recorded a quick screencast for Tubetorial.

Hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think. So far, the response to the video has been positive, but the response to the new administration panel design has been mixed. It should be interesting to see what everyone thinks on the 24th when it’s finally released.

Note: The design has NOT yet been fully implemented in the nightlies, and is only 10-20% complete. I want to make this clear, as it seems many haven’t realized this and have begun criticizing it.

New Video Page Launched

So one of the things I have been really wanting to see is a collection of videos that suit my tastes in blogging, WordPress and other topics I cover here on eXtra for Every Publisher, and so what do you do when you can’t find something? You create it yourself.

Check out the video area if you want to see some great videos on blogging, monetization, and good old Google.

If you have any suggestions on other topics I should add to the video area of this site, please just let me know.

Video Knowledge Share Failure

So recently Mark from introduced me to Ustream, a great site where you can stream video, and have an interactive chat. I tried to promote the fact that I was going to spend two hours each evening in Ustream on my Xfep2 channel, where people could come and ask me for advice. Having been a full time blogger for the last two years, I figured some people would be clamoring at the chance to pick my brain, but on Thursday and Friday, basically no one showed up.

Sure I could have promoted it more, but I did mention it on the Blog Herald, a popular site read by bloggers, as well as mentioning it on here, and lastly Mark also mentioned it on his site.

I found it a little sad that no one saw the value in coming freely to learn from me, but as much as this disheartened me a bit, I have added it to my paid consulting page. If you are looking to learn from me, and would like to do so in a video setting, where the conversation will be recorded for your further usage, please let me know. Rates are already posted on my consulting page.

If you would like to learn more about me, and why it would be advantageous to you to contact me for consulting, check out my about page, for more details on my history with blogging.


So Mark from introduced me to Ustream. I have seen it being used by Chris Pirillo for some time now, but never thought it was something I’d be interested in doing. I went to try it out though, and once Darren Rowse posted about the whole thing and came on as well… I had over half a dozen people interacting with me. I tried to share as much of my expertise and experience as possible, and I recorded the whole thing.

I hope to add Ustream to my daily repertoire here on Xfep, as I continue to try to help others in their goals of making money online. I haven’t picked a standard time or day to do stuff yet, but if you check out my Ustream channel, and I am broadcasting, feel free to ask questions using the chat.

Update: I will try to be on from 6-8 EST the rest of this week, if you have any questions.

If you want to see the two videos of me giving out advice, they are below the fold.

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