Live Meetings

Sometimes the best way to really get to know a person, and share ideas, thoughts and work together is to meet in real life. I recently had the opportunity to take the train to Toronto and meet up with PicScout, the makers of the amazing photo service PicApp, and Jeremy Wright of b5media.

After coming back, I couldn’t be happier that I went. I really got to talk to both groups and interact with them in a way that would have took ten times longer through e-mail, instant messaging or even the phone. When “they” say that so much of communication comes from body language and facial expressions, they aren’t kidding around.

I was taking in much more information than what was being said, or even how it was being said, and I think that while our world is depending more and more on virtualization, there is something to be said for a face to face meeting.

2 thoughts on “Live Meetings

  1. JamieO

    I met another developer after we had exchanged a couple of e-mails. We both felt there was potential to work together in the future but had no specific agenda, just wanted to get together and chat about industry, previous work experience, goals, etc. I jokingly described it as a ‘blind date’ to my fiancee. Taken out of context, saying “Yea, I’m going to go meet a guy at Tim Horton’s who I met online” does sound very first date’ish 🙂

  2. jonson roth

    Hallelujah. That’s one thing I sorely miss about working online: face to face meetings. They really are so much more productive, when you’re getting to know someone professionally.

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