WordPress Podcast Roundup

The WordPress Podcast and WordPress Weekly have put out new episodes this week, giving us WordPress fans something to listen to.

I was part of WordPress Weekly this week as they did Episode 19. I wasn’t on the podcast as much as I had hoped, as I had to pick up my wife, and my MacBook Pro decided to run out of battery life, but overall it was a great show.

The WordPress Podcast comes back with Episode 42, one of the longest episodes to date. It actually talks a bit about WordPress Weekly, and how WordCamp in San Francisco will be the same time as the last day of the Podcast and New Media Expo. I originally thought I would attend WordCamp, but dealing with the flight, hotel and other attendance issues made me decide to stick it out at the bigger, more expensive New Media Expo instead.

I am looking forward to more episodes from both shows, and I hope to eventually get back on the WordPress Podcast at some point, if Charles will ever invite me…

Keep listening on WordPress Weekly, where I will continue to try to keep my Friday nights open for the show.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Podcast Roundup

  1. David Peralty Post author

    NO! WHY GOD, WHY! You know you miss me… just admit it. I had the snark that you needed to sound good. 🙂 Now you have a happy show with two happy hosts, and little to no snark.

  2. Jeffro2pt0

    I just thought it was hilarious that my last name was apparently Chambers heh! Both you and Charles and anyone else is welcomed on the show any time you can make it. I am hoping that more people show up when the show starts an hour later.

    Also, have you given WordCast a try? I was on their show as a special guest last night, it’s another WordPress Podcast. http://bitwire.tv/shows/wc/

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