Xfep Podcast: Episode 13


Unlucky number thirteen today, as I knock over my mic, have issues with my laptop, get a phone call mid-stride, and many other wonderful things which continued to make my sleep deprived life, oh so fun.

Today I talk about conferences and events. I am really excited to network and meet new people, but I also want some good content, so what should I be attending?

The number of posts per day on here will go up again hopefully tomorrow, but today was all about getting Splashpress work done with the little energy I did have.

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Show Notes

0:28 – Conferences and Events

0:50 – Are conferences worth people’s time?

  • Some have slanted towards the basic user
  • Some seem too corporate to me

2:25 – Signed up for Blog World Expo

  • Didn’t go last year due to scheduling conflicts

2:45 – Which Conferences Should Bloggers, Podcasters and Videocasters Attend

  • I am still looking for suggestions

3:05 – I live in Canada

  • Effects the ease of being able to attend events
  • Anyone else feel like location is an issue?

3:35 – Live Video Streaming?

  • Where is Live Video Streaming for Conferences?
  • Could be a good money maker for events

5:00 – Networking is the best

  • Aproach people!

6:03 – Wrap-up

Intro and Exit Music

Wired for Loud by David Henderson, found via PodsafeAudio

2 thoughts on “Xfep Podcast: Episode 13

  1. Bill Deys

    Every conference you can make it to COULD be worth your time, it’s all about what you make of it. And people overseas shouldn’t complain about conferences too far away. The organizer cant think about that, if some one in the UK want’s to go to a conference but can’t make it to North America the START ONE OF THEIR OWN!

  2. Kevin

    Very good point about the location of some blog conventions. I was planning on going to one in vegas last November but when I sat down and worked out the costs I just couldn’t justify it (I’m from the UK), particularly for just 3 days.

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