Xfep Podcast: Episode 2


This is the second real episode of the eXtra for Every Publisher podcast where I cover a few of the stories that interested me from the top 50 making money online blogs as listed by 45n5’s top 100 list.

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Show Notes

00:4010 Tips for Writing Better Posts

01:30Starting The Best Community Network in The World

03:4022 World Class Headline Templates

  • Must Bookmark Post!

05:10When Do You Throw in the Towel?

09:162 Options For Google To Legitimize PageRank

12:48Is BlogRush A Waste Of Your Time?

World Problogger List

Intro and Exit Music

Wired for Loud by David Henderson, found via PodsafeAudio

0 thoughts on “Xfep Podcast: Episode 2

  1. Vlad

    The scrapers website do not really bother me as long as they give you proper links. Also linking to your own posts may help even if the “scrapers” will get some ranking.

    Google does take into consideration the origin +age when ranking. Your articles on scraper website will never be older, if you know what I mean.

    I also agree that Google has the best ability to rank websites. Great podcast! Look forward to more.

  2. 45n5

    I have noticed an increase in scrapers lately both in the make money niche and for some of my other websites.

    if you are asking when is the right time to throw in the towel then it’s time to throw in the towel is spot on.

    I look forward to working with you on a community site in the coming months.

    great podcast.

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