Con’s of Being a Problogger

There are many people that think being a problogger is great, and for the most part it is, but I wanted to cover some of the negative side of being a problogger, and a few things that most people don’t think about.

Working From Home

Most people wouldn’t expect working from home to be an item on the con’s list, but it is. There are a lot more distractions at home from telemarketers, family and friends, and objects you own. I have found a days wasted in front of the television, or on the phone, when I should have been getting work done instead.

Sometimes you just think to yourself, maybe a round or two on the Xbox will allow me to unwind so I can refocus, and the next thing you know, it is late in the evening and you haven’t done any work at all.

Balancing Work and Life

Balancing work and life ties in with working from home as in both, you will need to separate yourself from the world around you, and manage your time. I am pretty bad at this. I either give work all my time, or my home life all my time.

Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t be better off working twelve hours a day for four days a week, and dealing with the rest of what constitutes my life during the three days off. But either way, it can be horrible to try to find the energy and focus to properly balance work and life.

Not being able to do this has caused burnout and created rifts in my relationships on numerous occasions.

Computer Time

When working as a problogger, you will spend an inordinate amount of time on a computer. So much so that you will have to become an expert at using one. It will become part of your ever day routine, and take over your life. I now have three computers at home, and because I am a geek, they all have different operating systems. I suggest that no one else ever go to such extremes, but if you want to be a problogger, you will have to get used to using computers all the time.

Oh, and you computer(s) will stop working at the worst time, so you best get good at repairing them or know someone that can.

Personality Requirements

There is something about problogging that requires a strange personality. One that can deal with being alone for long periods of time, and yet that same person also has to be able to network, and be interesting to be around. This type of personality is rare, and also a bit odd, and so that is why it is in the con’s column of being a problogger.

Energy Usage

One of the things that I have noticed about this job is the small amount of energy that the jobs uses. Sure reading and writing all day can be tiring, but my belly says that I am getting fatter and more physically lazy. Now, things that were difficult before, like roller blading for a couple hours, seem impossible after only an hour. It is like your body gets used to only needing a tiny bit of energy. Your appetite slowly changes, and you begin to gain weight. Think fatblogging is only a fad? I think it’s only going to get worse.

Between the high amount of focus and concentration, and the near zero amount physical activity, blogging can really wear you down.

Unstable Industry

You have to remember that pretty much anything online is pretty unstable. As an international problogger, I have to deal with the currency exchange, but other than that, I face the same instabilities as other probloggers. Some of the things you might face include: monetization strategies change, search engine optimization can shift about, and niches that are worth thousands of dollars one day, can have so much new competition introduced that they are only worth pennies the next. Doesn’t that seem like fun? It sometimes feels like you spend almost as much time planning ahead as working on your current projects.


These are just some of the negatives that come with working in the blogging industry, but after all that, I am still glad that I do what I do. This has been the most enjoyable job I have ever had, and I really hope that it never ends. Just keep all this in mind when you are looking at going the problogger route, and if any of these are a deal breaker, then walk away, and try something else.

25 thoughts on “Con’s of Being a Problogger

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  2. Jaime

    This article definitely makes a lot of sense. Should be required reading for anyone who is thinking of being a full-time blogger, or just working from home in the computer industry.

    I’m a work-at-home programmer, and most certainly apply to me. I also happen to run several blogs, with a hope of someday becoming a full-time internet marketer. So, I find benefit in this article in a couple of different ways.

    Thanks for the write-up.

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  5. Jeremy Hobbs

    I’m hoping to find a happy medium; 6 hour of ‘real’ work a day at a job, 3-4 hours blogging & networking, and then a couple hours of rest and relaxation…

    I do plan on hitting 5 figures, but not ‘full time job’ 5 figures; I’d be -quite- happy in the low tens. If I over achieve, great, I’ll cut back hours with the real job. I’m just very aware the internet is fickle, and I do not want all of my eggs in one basket.

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  11. carl

    Good list. One of the real cons for me is that you have no co-workers to lean on when you are overwhelmed. When I have server problems in the middle of completing five tasks at the same time that an income stream tanks, you have to figure which full day task you are going to do first.

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  15. Meredith

    You know… I think what you write applies to *any* online work at home person. I’m a virtual assistant and what you say rings a bell for me 🙂

  16. Dan Cole

    “I know have three computers at home, and because I am a geek, they all have different operating systems.”

    It should be “I now have”… oops. I’m running an array of operating systems too, keeps others off of them because they only know Windows.

  17. Rick Mahn

    Ah, these are very accurate cons of the problogger. I’ve recently jumped into the deep end of the pool, with four blogs to keep up with two of which are either new or under leveraged. It’s already taking a lot of my time, but I’ve been blogging for about 3 years so I’m comfortable with the tasks ahead.

    Thanks for the list, I agree with several commenter’s that this should be “required reading” for the beginning problogger!

  18. Glenn -- Writing for Blogs

    You really nailed it with some of these points. How true.

    Some other quick thoughts: A blogger’s full-time presence at home means more mess, more shopping, more domestic projects. … Email, IM are just as bad as phone calls in the distraction dept. … Blogging advice is everywhere and it’s tempting to read it all, seeking that one terrific tip that’ll turn it all around for your projects. You can chase links and read all day long. … It is easy to lose control of your schedule. When I get on a roll with writing, I sometimes go until dawn. Argh. Being a morlock sucks. Resist the siren call of the night shift.

  19. Jason

    Eek, three different computers with three different operating systems makes you a geek?

    What does it mean if I have 6 different computers with 4 different operating systems?

    Seriously, though, the problems you refer to hold true for anyone who works from home, essentially. I hope to some day soon be able to make a list of the things that I don’t like about working from home (from personal experience), too.

  20. ejoe

    This pro blogging phenomenon is extremely interesting and fun to learn about. I recently just started a blog and have just been absorbing tons of information regarding it.

    The list provided really doesn’t seem to be that BAD of a list.

    Working From Home/Balancing Work and Life – This is a pretty large issue of every corporate job and/or entrepreneurial venture. That’s why corporations spend so much time and money developing programs to allow workers more “balance”

    Computer Time – I’m a s/w guy, so this is never going to change as long as I stay in this industry.

    Energy Usage – Totally agree, but running an hour in between posting and surfing wouldn’t hurt too much.

    Unstable Industry – All industries have some instability, but if you keep up with the industries new training, skills and technology as well as diversify your skills in other industries and areas of life, then you can face the instability with excitement of new opportunities.

  21. Amber

    Great list, and I agree with just about every point.

    For me, the biggest downside of pro-blogging is that so many people still find it difficult to accept it as a “real” job. I’m still being asked when I plan to “go back to work” or if I actually make any money from it – then there are the questions about what on earth I do all day, and whether I’m free to babysit/pop out for coffee/do other favours for people “seeing as I’m just sitting around at home all day”.

    As Meredith says, I guess these problems apply to anyone who works from home. I still wouldn’t swap it, though 🙂

  22. Robert MacEwan

    I was thinking more along the lines of having to cover your own medical insurance.

    Working From Home/Balancing Work and Life – One of my reasons for heading in this very direction was to be able to stay home to take care of my wife and mother-“steals my socks from the laundry”-in-law.

    My home is to do this long enough to finish school so that I can return to a “real” job if need be.

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