I Don’t Work For Myself

So many people assume that when they get to become a full time blogger, podcaster, or video podcaster that they will be working for themselves, but I feel like that is a rarity, and not how it works for a large group of people, including myself.

I have never been one hundred percent self sufficient when it comes to earning a living online. At various points, I have worked towards that goal, but have never made it to working on my own projects full time and making a sustainable full time income from it.

Most of the money that I have made over the last three years have come from my commitment to various companies to product content, manage WordPress blogs, convert xhtml/css into WordPress themes, and more.

If you assume that you will build a blog, by yourself, that will make you a full time income, you might be sorely mistaken. Besides, there are many great opportunities out there to work for someone else, and still build yourself a great personal brand, and keep a roof over your head.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Work For Myself

  1. Votre

    Who was it that once said “Being self-employed is just like having a job. The only difference is that the hours are longer and the benefits are worse.” ???

  2. jonson roth

    As with a lot of things, blogs as a collective probably follow a “bell curve” in terms of earnings. There’ll be a big lump (bell) in the center, showing that the “center” of the collective probably earn $X/mth on avg. To the left ( X) of the lump, there’s everyone else. However, it’s possible that for blogs, the curve is skewed to the right — i.e., majority of blogs fall below the lump. (To the right because it means far fewer blogs earn enough to support a full-time income.)

    So that’s supports your implied theory: most people who earn a living online doing something either directly or indirectly related to blogs probably do so working for someone else. They’d have to be, if the bell curve is truly in effect. The bell curve would suggest that the average blogger isn’t earning all that much and if they want an online career, they’ll be working for one of the blogs that is earning.

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