Finding Focus

One issue I have been having lately is finding the focus I need to complete my daily work. I have tried many of the techniques I know in hopes of regaining the drive and determination to get things done, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and the work keeps piling up.

I have tried to get out of the house, move around the house, add variety to my day, exercise, listen to music that I enjoy, and the result is all the same.

The more work there is, the further behind I feel, and the more I just want to disconnect and run away from it all. I have been trying to vary between doing the thing I least want to do, and doing smaller tasks to try to get me in that working mind space, but it has been rough going.

Am I going through another bout of blogger burnout and just need a short vacation from it all, or is it because I am too spread out all over the place, and actually have too much work?

What is your best advice in finding focus? Have you ever experienced blogger burnout? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Finding Focus

  1. Kiltak

    Just follow the advices on the 5000 productivity blogs on the net.. “10 ways to acheive zen-like focus”, “15 sure-fire ways to improve productivity”, etc…

    🙂 Got any planified vacation for this summer?

  2. Corvida

    You may definitely be experiencing blogger burnout, though I’ve never experienced it personally. However to find my focus, I normally break things down into smaller tasks and segments. Sometimes this makes my tasks seem smaller, thereby allowing me to get the motivation to tackle them. I also find that my posture can affect my focus and I often take 5-10 min breaks every 1 or so. Maybe I have ADD though lol.

  3. Lisamac

    Best advice I can give people is to turn off the “noise”. No twitter, no facebook, no social network/feed du jour, no email. Did I say no twitter? 😉 Find a topic you love and write about it. Other than that, I find a really good housecleaning (literally:dishes, laundry, cleansweep) is an amazing rebooting technique. Good luck!

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