My Approaching Birthday: Self Reflection

In nine days, on November 14th, I will be turning twenty-six years old and for some reason, this seems like a bigger milestone to me than my twenty-fifth birthday. Maybe it is because I will now definitely be closer to thirty than twenty, or maybe because of how things currently are in my life, but it has brought about a strong sense of self-reflection.

There are so many things I still want to do in my life, and I feel like I haven’t done as many of them over the last year as I would have liked. It is easier to say this than do it, but we all need to work harder, longer, smarter and faster. I am guilty of being far too lazy in my life, and in doing so, I am doing myself a great disservice, as I am not accomplishing all that I could, and I have a feeling many of you might be realizing the same thing.

If you want to make it “big” in the business of blogging, you need to give 1000% for as long as possible. I am not sure how to make this change in my life, but I am going to try to not wait for some inspiration or magical answer to fall from the sky, and instead, I am going to push harder, build faster, and work smarter.

We all have a finite amount of time in our day, and many of us spend too much of it on the wrong things. The only caveat I will hand out in this though is to make sure you love what you are doing because working at a super human level will drain you to a husk of a person if you don’t love what you are doing.

6 thoughts on “My Approaching Birthday: Self Reflection

  1. Halyma

    Dude – what’s with falling into the hype of killing yourself for work????

    I suppose if you can do it while you are still young – go for it, make piles of money and invest it wisely!

    I hope the realization that life should be so much more than work is part of your philosophy too!

    I decided in high school that I would be a fashion designer/ couturier and that was over 20 years ago. I never “made it” in the fashion industry. I instead have contentedly been custom sewing for individual clients since grade 10 { grad dresses}. My sister always thought I would hit New York and become a big designer, but that was never my dream. Maybe I don’t have big ambitions, but I have been self employed my entire working life, with a few additional jobs working for others to keep things interesting. 10 Years ago I took my love of belly dance and began teaching and performing professionally as well. So I run two businesses – but I love them both.

    So , yes, your caveat of choose something you love to work at is totally valid and i agree completely. But the phrases “work harder and longer” just make me sad.

    Even if you do love what you are doing, you cannot allow it to take every waking moment of your life. You will be drained no matter how much you love it if you don’t take breaks and refresh your body, mind and soul! And then you may not love it anymore!

    Get out and enjoy this fabulous sunshine and take some time to just be 🙂

  2. David Peralty Post author

    I don’t kill myself for my work. I’ve been too lazy in actual fact. I could be producing MUCH more than I am, but I’ve been feeling really drained with regards to my job (most likely due to not having a real vacation in over 5 years now). I have to do more if I want to compete with others in my industry and do well enough to keep my house.

    Right now I am supporting the whole household as my wife is in University, and that is no small expense.

    If I can get more work in, and do better, I can set things up so that I build up my personal brand to the point where, hopefully, I can work less hours at a higher per hour rate than I currently do, thus earning the same or more using less time, creating a chance for more enjoyment in my life.

    Also, I’ve been fighting off some pretty crazy depression, and so hopefully throwing myself in my work a bit more will help.

    I totally get where you are coming from though, and while I might not have the biggest ambitions, my wife wants and deserves much more than I am currently providing her. So it is not a simple equation where I can just take more time for me…

  3. Jonathan Anderson

    You know, it’s quite the reality lately. We are work way too hard to be the best in our fields (maybe not too hard, but a lot). I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been without a vacation for 5 years. I’ll say you have quite the stamina to survive that long without one.

    Also, depression’s not a good thing to ‘put’ off. I’ve struggled through my own and found that the longer I distracted myself, the harder it was to recover in the long run.

  4. Kiltak

    “Also, I’ve been fighting off some pretty crazy depression, and so hopefully throwing myself in my work a bit more will help.”

    David, I’m sorry to say, but that won’t help if the source of that depression is work itself.. and if it’s not, it’s hiding from the problem, and will only postpone the problem, possibly making it bigger later.

  5. Halyma

    Wow – okay – you’ve got some heavy burdens to deal with already at 25 – almost 26.

    Wife in university [ I guess that means a one income household and tuition expenses, etc. that you are responsible for?] and a house to pay for – I appreciate you are in a situation!!

    I hope she appreciates what you are going through and your feelings of wanting to “provide for her”. I am sure the tables will turn once she has started her career – or at least balance out!

    Best wishes and sending you some positive energy!

  6. Ryan Caldwell

    I think you’ve really nailed the first step -> making sure that you love your work. If you are going to work hard, it’s always good to make sure that a large portion of that hard work feels more like a hobby than a monotonous factory job. Even hobbyists will tell you that there are portions of their hobby that feel like a chore. The important thing, I think, is that cumulatively, the rewards of the hobby far outweigh the tedious aspects. I would say the same should go for work. Keep feeling out options until you’ve discovered some line of work that is more rewarding than it is tedious.

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