10 Ways to Hurt Your Blog’s Brand by Commenting on Other Blogs (From the Archives)

A crazy long title from Darren today with his view on how commenting on other blogs can hurt your blog’s brand.

Most of them have to do with being lazy, or spamming, but they are still great things to keep in mind when you are commenting on someone else’s blog.

2. Excessive Self Linking – The practice of leaving links inside posts is not something that bothers me too much – unless it gets excessive. A well placed link back to something you’ve written (or that someone else has written) previously can really add to a conversation – particularly if what you’ve written else where is too long or detailed for the comment thread itself. What does risk annoying others is when you include lots of links to yourself in every comment you make and/or when the links are irrelevant to the topic and/or when you just leave a link without saying anything else. Keep links relevant and in moderation and you’ll find people respond to them well.

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