21 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

I just finished reading 21 Effective Ways to Build Links, Bring Traffic, and Promote Your Site, and while the title is long, and the points are right, I feel like I have read this type of thing before.

The list includes items like:

Guest blogging
Linking out
Blog Carnivals

Most of the items listed are what I would consider common sense to promoting your blog, so I won’t bore you with those things. I will also recommend you be careful before blindly following any such list, as some points, done incorrectly, could actually harm your blog’s standings in the blogosphere.

My biggest word of advice is still to network. Surrounding yourself with like minded people may sound odd, as they will be your competition in a way, but you can learn volumes from their failures and their successes.

The biggest traffic sources for this blog have been Stumbleupon, and traffic from the trackbacks I have created by linking out to other great blog posts.

Read the whole article on Logo Design Works, and follow their advice, warnings, and promote your blog.

One thought on “21 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

  1. raj

    Thanks for the link love. Problem is, I made a boo boo. After I finished the article, without a second thought, I changed the title to be more catchy. Until I read your synopsis here, I had forgotten I mentioned link exchanges. They can, however, be effective for bringing in traffic.

    Anyway, next time I’ll think twice when I change the title after writing.

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