21 Tips to Deal with Information Overload

I deal with massive quantities of information every day. My wife makes fun of me because I can barely remember what I did yesterday due to the millions of things I have to sift through every day.

It was great to see an article on Web Worker Daily about dealing with information overload. My favourite entry in the list was of course number three:

3. Work less. Again, I submit that we get away from the mindset that we need to do more, more, more, and decide that we want to focus on the few things that are important to us. In order to do that, we have to eliminate things that are unimportant to make room for the important. And leaving some space around the things in our life (don’t schedule every minute) leaves us with a little breathing room and a little sanity. While I’m not saying you can achieve a four-hour work week, I do think you can achieve a 40-hour work week, and probably much less. I’ve been slowly reducing the hours I work, so that I now put in about 24 hours a week, and I’m planning on cutting that to 16. The key is to decide what is important, and focus on those things.

Read the whole list on Web Worker Daily.

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  1. Tiffany Monhollon

    Great point! I know this is a tough thing for any dedicated blogger, and it’s especially an interesting issue for those of us who are investing a lot of time in building new blogs and already work a full-time 40 hour load and blog in our “spare” time. Or more like our “sleep time.” Any pointers for bloggers at that stage on how to manage information overload when much of it is required from the paying gig?

    Thanks for starting eXtra. I love it already and just discovered it today.

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