AdBrite Takes In Another $23 Million

I don’t know yet if this is a sign of an advertising network getting stronger, or just running out of money, and trying to add more water to a leaking bucket, but TechCrunch has posted an article letting the world know that AdBrite has taken in another $23 million USD in funding.

From TechCrunch:

Ad networks are still catching money like rain. AdBrite raised $23 million from existing investors Sequoia Capital and Hedge fund Artis Management, reports Dan Primack. This is on top of $12 million, the company has already raised. In October, comScore ranked AdBrite as the 26th largest ad network after MySpace.

Have you used AdBrite and enjoyed its service? I have looked at it numerous times, but never really committed to their offerings. Have your say in the comments.

One thought on “AdBrite Takes In Another $23 Million

  1. Gerard McGarry

    We had a brief flirtation with AdBrite about a year ago. Don’t think we earned much from memory, and even with the adult filtering switched on, some of the adverts were dodgy enough that we took them off the site.

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