How I Made $506 Blogging In July 2007

Adnan of Blogtrepreneur has released a post reporting his July income from his blogging efforts, and while it isn’t a full time pay check yet, it is still a great bit of extra coin.

Here is a snippet:

As I kept writing, so my RSS subscribership kept creeping up, passing milestones along the way: 100…200…500. Traffic too has been on the increase and has been up more so ever since I posted the article on 101 Essential Blogging Resources. But most significantly, online revenues have also been increasing, and I feel that it’s finally time to show my community how far they have helped me come.

This July, I managed to surpass all previous records and earn $506.14 from blogging online at

Another proof that metablogging, being patient and learning from other bloggers is key to making money from blogging.

Check out the full breakdown on

0 thoughts on “How I Made $506 Blogging In July 2007

  1. Matt Jones

    That is a fantastic achievement by Adnan, but he has been blogging on that blog for 2 years, it doesn’t prove anything aboue how lucrative metablogging is.

  2. David

    There are many bloggers that have been blogging for years but that are only now learning how to really promote and monetize their work. I don’t think that the length of his blogging takes away from the achievement at all.

    I also think that making $500 a month is nothing to scoff at, and something that DOES in fact prove that metablogging can still bring in some money, which is the opposite of what many influential bloggers seem to be saying these days.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that you were making as much, as your content seems to be rather good as well.

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